Hazleton Rally Mob

Hazelton Rally – Group Tells Hispanic Citizen to “Go Back Home” – Video
Article From NewsNet 14

Here is a video I believe perfectly illustrates what we’re headed for if we do not stand up and fight against this veiled racist movement. Here is a man being heckled at a rally as a traitor and eventually forced to leave. You can then here USA being chanted as the man is led away. Maybe some of these people should watch the movie titled “The Wave”.

Link to “The Wave” on Google video.

Fighting against these groups that hide under the guise of deporting “illegals”, but are actual made up of hate groups (and even some white supremacist groups) does not mean you support the crimes perpetrated by some “illegal” immigrants. If we have a crime problem then let’s deal with the crime problem. And for those immigrants without documentation, and regardless of their “illegal” status, we should treat them as humans rather than label them “illegal aliens” and shout “deport now!”. The people in this video are literally one second away from becoming violent. Is that the solution? Is that who we are now?


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