ProAmerica Rally Was A Big Success….

This is my response to Robb Pearson’s Letter to the Editor, in the Daily Record, regarding the success of his rally in Morristown. Posted on August 7, 2007.

If this is only the beginning …..

Unfortunately Robb Pearson and his supporters were put in a wonderful position by those on the opposing side of his rally who decided to make us all look like an angry mob. But Robb, where were the facts supporting your cause? Most all I heard was hate speech. (Besides wasn’t it the opposite situation in Hazelton when a Hispanic American was called a “traitor” and told to “get out of this country?”)

Why does Robb like to use the “they were yelling over the national anthem” statement when those in support of the rally failed to put their signs down? Ok, the two things are a little different, but not much. Both acts are disrespectful to the anthem.

Robb and his supporters claim that people are “spinning” the facts, but there’s nothing to spin. The proof’s right there on You Tube if you care to watch it and Flickr if you care to look.

Many at that rally were clearly aiming their anger at Hispanics. It was clear when Carmen closed here speech with “Si Se Puede”, it was clear when Daniel Smeriglio referenced street signs in “Espanol”, and it was clear by looking at all the signs at that rally, but they won’t admit it. Spanish was the only language used at that rally other than English.

There were in fact members of Storm Front at that rally and they did make themselves known to Robb and the other speakers. (there’s a picture to prove it on Flickr – search “ProAmerica”) Though every speaker at the rally took time to denounce those across the street not one person on that podium said anything about the sign being held up at them, at the audience, and the protestors which read “3rd world aliens are turning this into a 3rd world country.” Below that statement was the web address to the Storm Front website. Does it make Robb or the others that spoke that day racists. No, but I’d like to know why he, nor any other speaker, pointed this sign out to state “that’s not what we’re about.”

Furthermore, both Carmen and Miguel, who are ironically from You Don’t Speak For Me, stated, without a doubt or any need to interpret, that all “illegal” immigrants are violent criminals. (If you don’t believe me please watch the videos on You Tube.) These two individuals, who were commended by Robb for their fervor, used scare tactics, fear mongering, and hate speech to sway the audience to their side.

Nobody at that rally took even one second to explain the current immigration procedures and how easy or difficult it is to get into this country. At least I have to commend David Marlett for letting everyone know that this mass “illegal” immigration is our fault. He took time to give us more than the standard fire and brimstone speech that is so commonplace with groups telling you to join them and their cause or be forever damned. If you watch the videos you can tell when the rally supporters were unpleasantly surprised at the speaker’s opinions and statements which was most often when they weren’t saying something over-the-top. (Just listen for the speaker’s pauses when they expect the audience to clap and cheer.)

To go on a stage and claim we are being invaded is simply an over-the-top mob rally cry. How long will it be before people are pointing at each other and demanding credentials? How long before people who employ Hispanics are immediately thought to be employing “illegal” immigrants and either reported or not given contracts?

If you think I’m spinning anything, well I have history as an example of what this can lead to and become. It’s so surprising that we never learn.


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  1. […] A Change Of Heart – One Year After the ProAmerica Rally Posted on July 16, 2008 by symsess First I want to say it is encouraging to see that Robb Pearson, the person who organized Morristown’s ProAmerica Rally, is not in support of migrants. The promise and irony of this epiphany is the fact that Robb organized the largest anti-”illegal” immigrant rally that I’ve seen to date. Gheen himself could only get about 12 people to show up to his rally last month. Now Robb has had a change of heart and this post is a quick review of the Morristown ProAmerica Rally. My original post on this rally can be read here. […]

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