I Still Won’t Be Told That All Those Here Illegally Are Violent Criminals

Peruvian Illegal Immigrant Freed After Committing Multiple Crimes

Here is a terrible story that the anti-immigrant (see patriot) crowd will use to push their argument. This terrible and violent act should not be used to argue that all those here illegally are violent criminals. This is definitely a case where our justice system failed us. I don’t care if this guy was here legally or not. Nobody with this type of rap sheet should be on the streets.

We are at a point in this world, not just this country, where we have to figure out what to do in order to stop this type of behavior. How does a little boy grow to be this man? What kind of terrible life do you have to have to become a cold blooded killer?

In an earlier post I linked to the website of a 9 year old girl that has already published a book at who, at age 7, could type 70 words per minute. What is it that she was taught, and what examples was she shown, that made her turn out so good?

Compassion does not come by closing your doors and sticking rifles out strategically placed holes. It comes from trying to figure out how we are going to stop this type of behavior. Though for this story it may be a bad analogy, I’ll say it’s like a leaking faucet. Sure you can put a bucket underneath it, but that won’t fix it. If you want the dripping to stop you have to find out why it is leaking and fix it.

Let’s find a way to fix this type of problem, not just with those here illegally, but with those people who are citizens as well.


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