If You Want To Support America Then Pay A Fair Price

The problem with the United States is that most people don’t want to pay a fair price. If you walk into a store looking for t-shirts and you see one rack that says “5 shirts for $10” and another rack that says “T-shirts $8 each” most people are prone to buying the five shirts for ten dollars. This is probably done without knowledge of where the shirts were made. Now if we look at the five for ten shirts and see they’re made in China and we see the eight dollar shirt is made in the United States that probably will make little difference in the decision.

Now, we are at a point where the dangerous products made by China are proliferating in many markets.

Will this make any difference in our decisions?

Is it that we cannot afford to buy products made more carefully or products made by our fellow citizens of the US?

Why do we continue to support child and slave labor abroad so we can buy products cheaper?

This country has rapidly become a world power and it did so by exploiting its own workers and the workers in other countries. Though we have made great strides in this country we continue to support child and slave labor in other countries. The “illegal” worker market thrives in this country because businesses, not people, country the United States and the “illegal” immigrant job market allows these businesses to continue to exploit workers without getting into trouble.

We can no longer support the exploitation of our fellow man. There is no reason we cannot all support ourselves and our families without having to treat with disdain and disrespect.

Let us not forget that it wasn’t so long ago that this country enslaved another race and practiced indentured servitude while allowing and supporting the terrible treatment of all non-white people. We must treat “illegal” immigrants with humility and solve this problem without mob rule and mob rallies. It is not our right to make others feel beneath us. Let us show them compassion.


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