"We’re Not Racists – They’re All Criminals"

It’s easy to go around saying “deport the illegals” while also stating “What, me racist?”

The truth is these anti-immigrant groups should just admit what it is they truly want – a white America. Nobody is fooled by your propaganda. We all know what this is about. Everybody can see that today there are many more Hispanic men working as day laborers, waiting in the streets for jobs. These groups want nothing more than to protect the white dominance in this country. They are scared of an America where being white means being a minority.

Don’t tell me this is about violent crime. Violent crime the United States, per one-thousand residents, has actually begun to decrease versus the statistics of the last 40 years. However, the anti-immigrant crowd would like to convince you that we’re living in mayhem and bedlam.

Violent crime was at a high-point in 1991 at 14,872,900 while the 2005 statistics show 11,556,854 violent crimes. Though this is nothing to be proud of, it certainly does not reflect the rants of the anti-immigrant crowd.

US Crime Statistics

From the Bureau of Justice Statistics website we can see that New Jersey experienced a high of 542 homicides in 1981 versus 417 in 2005. Again, if what these anti-immigrants groups are stating is true then why are there fewer homicides in 2005? Given the mass influx of immigrants, and the “fact” (as stated by these groups) that they are all violent criminals; you’d think we’d be in the thousands.

In 1990 50,057 violent crimes were committed in New Jersey versus 30,919 in 2005. That’s a considerable difference and it certainly doesn’t reflect the claims of the anti-immigrant groups which were represented at the Morristown ProAmerica Rally.

Bureau of Justice Statistics

We cannot let these groups scare us into losing our humanity. This is the home of the immigrant and we should welcome hard working people from all over the world.


3 thoughts on “"We’re Not Racists – They’re All Criminals"”

  1. It is you who are mistaken Charles. We have all colors on the “right” side and we stand side by side with Hispanics who are against illegal immigration as well as patriotic blacks. It is you who are the propagandist spreading lies that you would like to be true. You would like to paint all patriots with one racist brush wouldn’t you. Well it’s just not that simple. You are the kind of jerk who would have called George Washington a racist for wanting the British out of the US. You are the kind of jerk who would have accused Patrick Henry of “hate speech” when he said “give me liberty or give me death” Patriotic Americans (and there are many!) are not falling for your lame lies and smear tactics.

  2. Once again you argue against me by using the same tactics you claim I’m using. I never said there were not “respectable” people on the anti-illegal side. I just point at the ones like you who aren’t respectable. As far as those Africa-American and Hispanic people on your side, well there are obviously reasons for that.

    If Carmen Morales, and group, is your example of a Hispanic on your side, well that’s not saying much. She accused all illegal immigrants of being rapists and murderers in her Morristown speech – and that’s just the hard truth. To think that a Hispanic person is siding with white anti-immigrants is not beyond probability. In many countries it is considered preferable to be lighter skinned and most of the rich all over the world hate the poor so that’s how that works.

    As far as African-Americans in the fight – of course they’re involved because many feel the illegal immigrants are taking jobs away which is one really good scare tactic the white anti-immigrants like to use to get them on board. Most talk of this kind assumes that there are no prominent African-Americans and that every one of them will be jobless if we do anything compassionate in regard to this issue. Not to mention the fact that they may fear they’ll be labeled sympathizers if they don’t protest and they’ll end up on your list.

    A patriotic American does not need to call Hispanics “fat and lazy” to hype up their audience. They are patriotic because they are proud and thankful for the country they were born in, but this doesn’t mean they support every knee-jerk hateful cause that springs up in the name of patriotism. Are all the anti-war people unpatriotic too? I am a proud American and I will not let hatist like you carry-on unchallenged.

    Ruth, you can talk about everyone else all day, but you are a very hateful person and you’re the only one that can control that. I’m sure your Hispanic and African-American buddies would love to read some of the things you write. I can’t even imagine how you talk when it’s just “us whites.”

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