Guilty Of Being Hispanic

Many believe that Hispanics are an unruly race of chaos stirring violent criminals. This is a typical view from the “patriotic” anti-immigrant crowd. These people cannot stand the fact that they live in a country that is free and that welcomes people from all walks of life. They are scared of an America that is not dominated by the ancestors of European immigrants.

There best tool to denounce Hispanics, in particular, is hate speech. They rant on about Hispanics as violent criminals and they latch on to any example of “illegal” immigrants committing crimes while not recognizing that crime is a symptom of our society and the way we treat each other. There are plenty of criminals home grown and many of them perpetrate far more terrible crimes than any “illegal” immigrant.

One such hatest is Speaker, Author, and Environmentalist Frosty Wooldridge who shared his view on immigrants on the News With Views website. Though Frosty has much worldly and educational experience he’s seems to be short sited when it comes to immigration. Or, at least, he understands how propaganda works.

For such as worldly guy he certainly seems to be blinded by hatred of his fellow man. I guess some people would trek across the globe and develop a compassion for other human beings, but Frosty has done quite the opposite. He uses his experiences in other countries to point fingers and say “that’s not who us Americans should want to be.” Way to be compassionate Frosty. All humanity thanks you.

From his website:

Frosty Wooldridge possesses a unique view of the world, cultures and families that he obtained bicycling 100,000 miles around the globe and across six continents in the past 25 years.

From Frosty’s article onNews With Views website:

Myth: President Bush says illegals do the jobs Americans won’t do.

Fact: Harvard Professor Borjas reports that illegal aliens displace Middle American workers out of $200 billion annually in lost jobs and wages. Bear-Sterns report shows that illegal aliens work off the books and do not pay over $301 billion annually in uncollected IRS income taxes. You make up the difference. The illegals no longer work on the farm. They move into every Middle Class job in America and they undercut wages for America’s working poor and destroy the living wages of the Middle Class. Additionally, the average illegal causes a net loss of $55,000.00 to US taxpayers during his work time the USA. Illegals transfer $60 billion out of the USA annually. Finally, we create cultural and linguistic apartheid by creating a slave class of workers unassimilated while growing in numbers and antagonistic strength. This condition creates a ‘perfect storm’ for rioting and violence that will tear our nation to pieces! Ask Paris, France!

In his myth versus facts of immigration Frosty reports that “illegal” immigrants are destroying the middle class by working off the books and undercutting wages. This type of argument is insane and basically states that “illegal” immigrants are taking jobs which probably won’t sit well with the resume and interview tips community. How do you take a job? I’d like Frosty to explain that to me. The fact is these jobs are being given to “illegal” immigrants because us Americans don’t want to pay a fare price for products. Greed seems to be a symptom of businesses in this country. Companies are constantly trying to remove benefits, get cheaper labor, or undercut the quality of their products (see China). At the same time American consumers demand cheaper and cheaper prices. Well everyone should be able to figure out, even with basic economics training, that you can’t sell something for nothing and that the cheaper your product is the less money you’ll take in. Less money in means less money for workers because the owners and bosses aren’t going to take a pay cut themselves. Every time you go to McDonald’s you are helping destroy the middle-class unless the median income is not 24k per year.

As far as “creating a slave class” I’d like this one explained a little better. Those on the pro-immigrant side of this argument are not for the mistreating of other human beings. That is precisely why we are on this side of the argument. Those that hire and mistreat “illegal” immigrants because of their status are the ones perpetrating the crimes here. The truth is Frosty doesn’t care about a slave class, he just doesn’t want it happening in America. If we farm out factories to China and Mexico so the “slaves” can work there, I guess that’s ok.

Myth: This is a nation of immigrants and they all add to America’s vitality.

Fact: That was then and this is now. Ninety percent of Americans were born here and thus, natives, not immigrants. In 1900, our population stood at 100 million people. Today, at 300 million, we suffer global warming, acid rain, species extinction, gridlock, air pollution, crowding, $3.12 a gallon gas, skyrocketing cost of living, $8 trillion federal debt, loss of quality of life and enough problems to fill an NFL football stadium. Who in their right mind thinks we need to import 4,000,000 million people from the Third World into our country annually? That’s 40 million in ten years. What is the benefit? Do we need to overpopulate ourselves like China, India and Bangladesh? For what reason? Can we maintain our social fabric as a nation with Spanish fighting English for dominance? It’s like injecting yourself with cancer cells to see what will happen. It’s like importing leper colonies and hope we don’t catch leprosy. It’s like importing thousands of Islamic jihadists and hope they adapt to the American Dream.

Frosty’s comparison to Spanish speaking people as cancer is very disturbing. Unfortunately this is par for the course when dealing with anti-immigrants. Rather than look at the world as a whole, albeit separate nations, he’d like to think that us “natives” should just keep plundering our own little piece of the world. What does $3.12 gas and acid rain have to do with immigration? These are just more simple-minded scare tactics used to write of humanity in the name of a comfortable life.

Myth: Illegals have a ‘right’ to come to the United States.
Fact: No one, according to the U.S. Constitution, has a right to break into your home. It is against the law. No one has a right to break into your country. It is against the law. We legally immigrated 32 million foreign born people into this country, which is two to three times more than all other countries combined. We have the right to invite into our home the persons we choose. No one has the right to break into our home: The United States of America.
Myth: Mexico’s people love the USA, respect our language and the laws of our country.

Fact: Corruption is a mechanism by which Mexico operates. Its people spawn more corruption wherever they go because it is their only known way of life. If you watched the Mexican flags flying above the demonstrators and their chants, you understand they have no intention of assimilating into the American way of life. If you look at the nightmare of crime and chaos they bring our cities, you see the results. Their goal is to populate themselves into majority numbers until they can run us out of our own country. The failed and corrupt government of Mexico will manifest itself in America to create the same kind of misery for all Americans.
These two statements speak for themselves. As with other anti-immigrants (anti-Hispanic I should say) Frosty is perpetuating the “myth” that all Hispanic immigrants are violent, chaotic criminals. As stated before, these type of comments are meant to scare the American public into losing their humanity for others. Do we truly believe that “Their goal is to populate themselves into majority numbers until they can run us out of our own country.”

I believe most sensible citizens of the United States understand this is simply hate speech. It’s hate for other cultures, other countries, and other races. I would expect more from a man that has met with so many people from so many cultures. I guess while on his many travels he didn’t sit with those varied peoples and tell them they were all corrupt, hateful, and beneath him.


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