Cresitello Wants Action, But Laws Don’t Prevent Crimes

Cresitello Renews Call For Immigration

Cresitello made the front page of the Daily Record this Saturday with a headline titled Cresitello renews call for local immigration enforcement.

My most notable take-away from this article are the fact that Cresitello asked Robb Pearson not to hold the ProAmerica rally in Morristown and the fact that Cresitello likened the KKK rally that took place there a few years ago with it. Why, of all the pro-immigrant rallies Cresitello could have mentioned did he instead mention a KKK rally when speaking of the ProAmerica rally? I think it shows that even he understands that most of those groups are anti-Hispanic.

Now I find it very disturbing when people such as Cresitello state that a law or some policy change would have prevented a crime. If laws, or their enforcement, prevented crime we wouldn’t still have such a problem with drugs in this country. Go to any college campus and you’ll be able to get whatever drugs you want. Last I checked they’re both illegal and carry heavy criminal penalties.

Why does it matter if a criminal is a legal or an illegal immigrant? Violent repeat offenders should not be let out on bail. I would think that a person who consistently commits crimes has demonstrated that they will not stop.

Many people are asking for more laws and changes to laws, but I don’t think that’s going to help. If laws stopped crimes then there wouldn’t be pedophiles galavanting around our country victimizing children. If laws prevented crimes we wouldn’t have a huge personal security industry in a country where in many cities you were once able to leave your home unlocked without worry. We wouldn’t have people being killed on our roads by drunk drivers, and we wouldn’t have college and high school students assasinating their classmates.

Laws don’t prevent crimes and it’s reprehensible for politicians to act as if a committed crime would have never happened if the public would have listened to them.

Crimes are prevented by practicing compassion for you fellow human beings. They are prevented by teaching children to love and respect their fellow human beings. Helping one another and showing others you care opens them up to understanding we are all people with common goals. Don’t lose your humanity. Grow it.


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