Traitors, Patriots, Or Just Scared White People – How Can You Tell?

The following is a response I posted to someone who had posted underneath one of my Flickr photos. A poster calling themself Mental Dribble stated:

I support fair easy flow for immigrants. How is “i will not accept English as a second language” hateful? SPECIFICALLY explain to me how its hateful.

I replied:

My displeasure with the battle cry “I will not accept English as a second language” is:

Firstly, my belief is this argument is being aimed at Hispanics as the predominate use of another language on products and advertisements is Spanish. In addition, the only language, either written or spoken, used at the rally, by the speakers and supporters was Spanish. The argument that English will soon become a “second language” is ludicrous. Firstly because our schools hardly require that you can speak and comprehend another language other than English and most are barely taught English as it is. This is apparent in Daniel’s speech. To say English will become a second language is to say that we are being invaded by Hispanics and soon they will control this country. That’s a little extreme to me, but to them it’s a way to scare others into losing their humanity. To say that immigrants, whether legal or illegal, come here and try to create pockets of society that refuse to learn English is untrue. Even if they have a hard time with it, their children learn English just fine.

Secondly, these people are not going to stop with this fight. They will, and some towns have, fought to keep people from flying other country’s flags. Why is it not ok to be proud of the country you came from while enjoying the freedoms of the USA. Are we going to arm the police with thought devices so that every time you think something “true Americans” don’t like they can fine or arrest you? How long will it be before parades or festivals for people from other countries are outlawed? I’m sure they won’t want to lose St. Patrick ’s Day though.

Now you can say my argument is far fetched, but I don’t think so. These people say they’re the true patriots and are fighting for this country, but what they’re fighting for is the tightening of restrictions placed on the people of this country. They are telling you that if don’t agree with them you are not a patriot, but you’re a traitor that should be tried for treason. Hey, I’m not making this up. Just go watch the Morristown ProAmerica Rally videos on You Tube. Do a little research online on these groups.

I really wasn’t thinking too much about it at the time, but we always have history to teach us what to be afraid of. Just as our government created laws like the Espionage Act to weed out anyone opposing wars we now have these groups calling everyone that doesn’t share their viewpoint traitors. They claim to be the “true patriots” while those of us that just want what’s best for our fellow human beings, which at times may fall in sync with the beliefs of these groups, are called anti-Americans.

However, this argument, or at least the groups that advocate the deportation of illegal immigrants, is somewhat hard to grasp in total. I say this because many of these groups are not pro-America in the sense that they’re fighting in defense of the government.

Most of these groups are claiming that government is doing nothing to protect us at all so we have to demand they do. Now I also don’t agree with our current administration and most all of their actions either; this is what makes it difficult because I agree with these groups in the sense that Bush is working to destroy this country, but I don’t agree that all immigrants that are here illegally are violent criminals. Many of these groups will violently rant on that all illegal immigrants are violent criminals to scare their audience into grabbing pitchforks, lanterns, and torches.

It seems to me that these groups are first and foremost fighting to keep the white majority in this country. It’s no secret that at the current rate white people (those of us from European ancestors) will soon be the minority in this country. Why this frightens people is hard to say while the methods these groups use to scare people are easy to see.

In my viewpoint it is our greed, which we all have to take ownership of, that has caused us to attract so many illegal immigrants from impoverished countries. The fact is that the way many of these illegal immigrants are being treated here is being done in other parts of the world in factories that our corporations support and buy from. It’s just that we don’t care, because we don’t want to pay more than eight dollars for a pack of white t-shirts at Wal-Mart. Should a patriot save money by supporting cheap foreign labor even though it’s performed abroad?

If these groups were true patriots they would promote and advertise companies that manufacture their goods in the United States. What’s the difference between a day laborer sending money to Mexico and Wal-Mart sending money to China? The difference is that the money going to Mexico is on its way to help a family and the money going to China is the money of corporate greed generated by slave-like working conditions and promoted by our desire to by things cheaper.

The true patriots will support their local farmers and manufacturers. They will promote healthy lifestyles and compassionate interactions between the United States and its guests, other countries, and even those here illegally. War and anger have not done us much good so far. Why must we always embrace these things?


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