Union Facts Ad

This add appeared on the online version of the New York Times and represents one of the many special interest groups, run by Rick Berman, that appear to be a grass roots effort to resolve some “evil” of society, but actually turn out to be funded by the businesses that benefit most from their destruction.

In this case you’ll find that The Center For Union Facts is actually a group funded by big business advocates. What they don’t show you on this ad is that if it hadn’t been for unions we’d probably still have children working sixteen hours a day.

Center for Union Facts

Facts About Union Fact’s Director Rick Berman

Unions have been around for quite a while and are responsible for some very positive changes in the way businesses are allowed to treat their employees. Left to their own devices many businesses would just assume hand out cardboard boxes, some rags for clothing, and provide two solid meals a day to their employees.

We’re not all so fortunate that we can obtain the capital to start our own businesses so it is important that someone, other than the government, is there to advocate for those of us that must work for others.

Don’t let smear groups like this one take away the good work unions have done for us. Though I am not in a union myself, I understand their necessity and I believe whole heartedly in the rights of workers to be treated fairly and paid well.

It’s scary how many anti this and pro that groups are actually big businesses in disguise. So many of these groups make themselves appear to be “for the people” while they are actually for big business.

As stated on the top of this blog it’s not immigration that’s the problem with America it’s the allowance of big businesses to manipulate us and to govern us. All other issues are generally a result of this.


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