Police: Gillette man took lewd photos of women

Here is an example of police officers and our justice symstem doing the right thing -and yes this does appear to be an “illegal” immigrant.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

LONG HILL — A 33-year-old township man has been charged with using his cell phone to take lewd photos of women at the Valley Mall.

Miguel Garcia, 33, who lives in the Gillette section of the township, was seen standing on the sidewalk outside the stores by an off-duty police officer in the mall on Valley Road.

The officer saw Garcia as he crouched behind a woman with his cell phone camera aimed under her skirt around 4:45 p.m. Tuesday, authorities said.

After taking several photos with the phone’s camera, Garcia walked to a nearby coffee shop, where police stopped and questioned him, according to police.

The woman, who was window shopping at the time, was unaware of the photographer’s presence, police said.

Garcia was arrested and charged with invasion of privacy. Based on Garcia’s immigration status, the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office and Immigration and Customs Enforcement were notified regarding his criminal charge.

Municipal Court Judge James D. Bride set Garcia’s bail at $25,000 . Unable to post bail, Garcia was transported to the Morris County jail.

Meghan Van Dyk can be reached at (973) 428-6610 or at mvandyk@gannett.com.


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