More Proof Of The Issues With The Illegal Immigrant Debate

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As I await information about the Harrisburg rally I thought I would throw this in.

David Marlett is one of the speakers declining to speak at today’s Harrisburg rally after determining that some of the groups have racist agendas. Click above for more information.


6 thoughts on “More Proof Of The Issues With The Illegal Immigrant Debate”

  1. This is David Marlett.
    I stand behind the spirit of my reasoning for not being in Harrisburg. That said, I subsequently learned my information regarding the Harrisburg emcee was erroneous. I apologized to that individual, and OPP was kind enough to remove my email from his site. (An email which was intended as private correspondence.) Wonder if you might pay me the same respect?

    Obviously I share your general loathing for all things truly racist and hate-centered…an ugly fact which exists on BOTH sides of the illegal alien debate.

    Regarding my views, my position, my arguments, and those of the ProAmerica Movement, your readers would probably find we have far more in common than our “opposite sides of the street” might make one think.

    I hope for a day when we can have rational, calm, mutually-respectful dialogue. Maybe we can start here? We’ll see. I hope.

  2. David Marlett here again…One more thing: The Morristown Rally was hosted by a single guy who refers to himself as the ProAmerica Society. ProAmerica Society has nothing to do with our ProAmerica Movement and ProAmerica Companies. It is purely a coincidence in our name choice and his. That said, I know him, and respect his perspective on America’s Constitutional history, and I know he equally abhors the racism and angry hostility emanating from both sides of this issue. But, no relation between the groups.

  3. I agree. Robb Pearson does not support racists groups and I myself feel that you are on the better side of the anti-illegal movement as well.

    I do believe that you are on the right track and I also believe that you did the right thing by not speaking at that rally. Regardless of Voice Of The People USA’s stance on racism they are truly loved by groups such as Storm Front.

    After the Morristown rally it was revealed that “Export the Import”, a group with close ties to Voice Of The People USA, had a reference to Storm Front on their website. After this was revealed they removed the picture, but they cannot say it was a mistake. Anyone that has put together a web page knows that is takes time to do so and you are constantly checking to see how it looks.

    As I constantly state, we must remember that these are people. They are human beings. Born as innocent children just as we all are. Let’s show some compassion and find a caring solution.

  4. Well put.
    Don’t know who you are, but all the best to you.

    Perhaps a public debate should be arranged, where BOTH sides demonstrate civility and respect, and we start from a perspective of intentionally thinking the best of the other, and publicly denouncing the racism eminating from all sides….especially that which is escalating from people and groups who claim to agree with our positions.

    And no groups with racists ties from either side can be allowed to participate.

  5. a little request:

    Sure wish you would take the word “ProAmerica” out of your references to the Morristown Rally.

    We don’t want to be associated with your certainly justifiable criticism of the hate groups which attended that rally. But it was also not Rob’s fault that they showed up. Nor his fault that the hate groups on the other side of the street showed up.

    In your criticism of those in attendance of that rally (bravo), when you refer to it as the ProAmerica Rally, you publicly attach Rob and me to the very opposite of what we stand for.

    There are many many people working very hard at making ProAmerica a positive movement.


  6. I understand that it was neither yours nor Robb’s fault that this element of our society showed up. However, I am referencing an even that was called the ProAmerica Rally. (Pro America Rally)

    My goal here is to let anyone who stumbles upon this blog know that we must be careful as not to align ourselves with the racists groups that support this anti-illegal movement. Though I know that there is much legitimate concern here, if I must reference an event then I’ll use it’s name. I did remove the “ProAmerica” tags from the posts that had them.

    I will go through these posts and make sure I am not intimating anything I may no longer feel to be true after much reading and research. If you would like me to take this post down, let me know, and I will do it as soon as I see your response.

    I believe that if you go to You Tube and watch the rally videos now posted you will be happy to not have spoken there. When I see an event that better deals with this issue I’ll be there to support it. What I’d really like to see (and so would many other Americans now scared by the Chinese imports) is a list of companies that still produce their products in America. How many “American” companies are moving their factories to other countries?” Isn’t that similar to giving jobs away to foreigners on our own soil?

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