Voice Of The People USA – Harrisburg, PA Rally

Video from the Harrisburg, PA Voice Of The People USA Rally

Daniel Smeriglio of Voice Of The People USA states in this video:

“Darryl I’m a child molester, huh. Very original. Now the person you are making the accusations against. You are a racist, you are a scumbag, and you are un-American.”

I’m not sure how these groups know each other, but you have to appreciate the High School antics of this crowd, and AKmanNCPP, who posted this video on You Tube, calling this man Rerun. This kind or ridiculousness makes it seem as if this is an argument between twelve year olds rather than a very serious issue affecting our country.

If you watch the video you’ll notice that the guy holding the camera tells his friends to “stay to the side – all the skinheads are behind Darryl.” Before this he states “Here comes the cavalry.” What in the hell is going on at these rallies? How do these groups ever think they’re going to garner public support when you can’t even take them seriously?

My favorite statement from this video is “All the skinheads are behind Darryl. Did you know he was a vegetarian?” which is followed by laughter. This video goes to show darker side of this movement which is made up of very shallow, closed-minded and racist people, such as the skinheads who encircle this black man.


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