Voice Of The People USA Rally In Harrisburg A Success?

Copied from the Voice Of The People USA website:

We at Voice of the People would like to thank everyone involved with this past weekend’s Harrisburg rally. It was an honor and privelige to be out in support of ths great cause we care for so much. The rally was a complete success, being officially between three and four hundred people. It was great to have our last rally for the summer, seven in three monthes, with the fine people of Harrisburg.We would like to thank alll the speakers, including John Clark of AIC, with all the help and support they gave to us. Also a very special thanks to Frank Jorge and Michael Huff for helping with security for our speakers.

Also, a special thanks to Rep. Daryl Metcalfe for coming and being our guest of honor. It meant alot to us and we hope to work with you again in the future.

Here is all the video of most of speakers, thank you to Dan Amato of Digger’s Realm and Ruth Miller of Illegalprotests.com for filming and posting our rally.

First of all I believe they have the numbers a little off regarding those in attendance. They may have counted a few curious people from the Kipona festival that was going on the same day. Kipona Festival(Which, by the way celebrated diversity, and even featured Native American dances. You know, those dark skinned savages that got in the way of us trying to be “American.” Just Curious… Did any of the skinheads from the rally go to the Kipona festival?)

Secondly, they call this a complete success? High school antics furthered by a group of skinheads surrounding a black man they deemed to be “causing trouble.” (See video in previous post.)

Lastly, how is it that they are happy to work with Representative Metcalfe when he threatened not to speak if Hagan Smith spoke who by my research was a speaker at other VOP rallies? Strange. (Event Hagan spoke at to support Mayor Barletta

From ThirdPartyWatch.com

Representative Daryl Metcalfe® of District 12 in Butler County denied a constituent Mr. Hagan Smith Chairman of the Constitution Party of PA his Right of Free Speech at a Rally in Harrisburg. Mr. Smith and Rep. Metcalfe were scheduled to speak at the Rally held by the group Voice of the People USA on September 1, 2007.On the evening before the Rally Mr. Frank Scavo, Chairman of the group Voice of the People USA called Mr. Smith to inform him that Rep. Metcalfe had told him that if Mr. Smith was going to speak at the rally that he would not come to the Rally. Mr. Scavo made the decision to remove Mr. Smith from the Rally because of Rep. Metcalfe’s official capacity.

From DC. Indymedia.orf

HARRISBURG, PA-Thousands turned out on Sept. 1 of all races and ethnicities to participate in the Pennsylvania State Chili Cook-off along the riverfront in the State Capitol. Families enjoyed the many different variations of a bowl of red while listening to the music from acts like the Baltimore zydeco band the Crawdaddies. Participants took in the festive event, ignoring its complete flip side taking place just two blocks away from them: an anti-immigration rally that in a matter of weeks went from one that was supposed to bring out hundreds if not thousands of supporters of Hazelton, Pa. Mayor Lou Barletta and his efforts against what he called illegal immigration, to a diminished affair that was in all respects a neo-Nazi rally that saw numbers from those circles completely dominate over any others that attended.

This event was over-shadowed, as is every other anti-immigration rally, by skinheads and as long as they attend every sensible citizen will be scared to attend themselves. Who’s going to side with skinheads? Voice Of The People USA?


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