"Illegal" Immigrants Commit 9,000 Murders Per Year?

Murders Committed By Illegal Immigrants Per Year – on wnd.com

Murder and Crime Data on FBI.gov

United States Murder Rates

According to the speakers at the Voice Of The People Harrisburg Rally there are 9,000 murders committed by illegal immigrants each year. This seems to be a convenient doubling of the number posted above on wnd.com, a site that would surely like to report more as well. If this were true then illegal immigrants, which make up only 6% of our population (going by the latest numbers, which include women and children), are committing half of all murders in the United States.

The funny thing is that when you look at the second link above you’ll see that the murder rate has actually gone down, as with other crimes, since the nineties. It’s strange to me that more “illegals” equals less violent crime. I guess my logic, based on factual numbers, isn’t as convenient to speak of at these rallies.

People want to be liked. This is true for Daniel, Dan, Andrew, and all the other people that frequent these rallies, and it’s also true for immigrants. When you treat people like dirt they’ll eventually feel they have no other option, but to prove you right. When you show someone you want to help them they’ll often be slightly more amicable. When you have hate rallies against them they’ll usually feel they have to defend themselves. It’s no different than sending an email to someone from this rally calling them a racist. They would get mad and respond with a similarly distasteful email. This is human nature.

In regard to MS-13, which is a new topic for this group, nobody wants gangs of any kind. Who cares if it’s the Bloods, Crips, Latin Kings, MS-13, or the famous Smurf gang. Most police departments have gang task forces to deal with this issue and we should support them. Many neighborhoods have been changed simply because the citizens worked with the police and said “no more gangs, no more drugs.” Hey, that’s a good idea! Let’s do it!


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