You’ve Got To Know Who You’re Dealing With

Dan Amato of Digger’s realm hates “illegal” immigrants, but he has no problem throwing around crass and derogatory language. This is especially troubling as it is in his follow my family adventure posts. Makes you wonder.

Here’s a snippet from his “Family Adventure.”

Needless to say I would not recommend the craphole known as the Hualapai Lodge. We passed a little hotel about 15 minutes before we got there, so if you’re heading up Route 66 from the west I’d suggest you stop there instead before you get raped and sodomized by incompetent and unhelpful people.

Clearly he holds little value of the most brutal of words as he uses them so freely to express his discontent with mundane, everyday things.

Why does it matter? It matters because you have to know who you’re dealing with when you’re going to get your facts and/or opinions from them.

It’s sad to have a guy like this, who’s put his life on the line for our country, and seems very intelligent, act so crudely towards others.


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