Frank Jorge Asks You To Assasinate Politicians

From his Harrisburg Voice Of The People USA rally speech:

Politicians will respect you. Politicians will acknowledge your power when they see a round flying through their windshield and getting into their flesh. That will get their attention. I’m not advocating violence; it is already here and you have to acknowledge that.

What? He’s not advocating violence? He certainly is.

Before I get in to who Frank Jorge is, just let me say that I’m afraid of him. I’m afraid because he wants civil war, he is sure it will come, and he’s probably collected an arsenal waiting to fire the first shot. Watch his speech from the Harrisburg Voice Of The People USA rally and hear for yourself.

Before listening to Frank’s speech, as I had seen the television show, I expected to hear an intelligent man make some good points about the issue; however, what I heard was down right frightening. He basically is not only calling for civil war, but intimating that we should assassinate politicians that we don’t agree with. He wants me and you to be afraid of “illegal” immigrants while he threatens to start a civil war. Are guns and violence the only answer here? I though we were a little more intelligent than that.

Frank Jorge is a Cuban immigrant who now volunteers as a border agent for the Antelope Valley Minutemen. He appeared on a show called 30 days which sought to put people into a situation, usually living with a group of people, they generally don’t agree with, or appose, for 30 days. Given his vehement opposition to “illegal” immigrants he was to live with a family of “illegal” immigrants for 30 days. Watching the show you got the sense that he was a decent man and that in some small way he may have felt some sorrow for this family’s situation. However, that was quickly dismissed when he sent out a press release letting everyone know that the show had manipulated his words by leaving out some of his statements on the show. His Statement

As a Cuban immigrant who now fights to keep “illegal” workers out of the country he may like to know: link

Cuban immigration to the U.S. began in an era of peaceful coexistence between the two nations. In the latter part of the 19th century, workers moved freely between Florida and the island, and the trade in sugar, coffee, and tobacco was lucrative. Cigar companies soon began relocating from Cuba to avoid tariffs and trade regulations, and Cubans came by the thousands to work in the factories. Soon the towns of Key West and Ybor City were the capitals of a tobacco-scented empire, and also became the centers of new Cuban enclaves. Even as these communities grew, Cuban workers continued to shuttle across the Straits of Florida as work allowed. At the beginning of the 20th century, between 50,000 and 100,000 Cubans moved between Havana, Tampa, and Key West every year.

Of course this is before Castro took over, who I don’t agree with, but I guess now this sort of thing shouldn’t be allowed with other nations. We should just keep supporting communist countries, like China, by buying all or products cheaply from them while US factories shut down daily.

If Frank wants to know what is more powerful than a gun…it’s money. At least he makes sense by stating multi-national corporations are in control of the government. On that much we agree, but I tend to shy away when he starts talking about killing people. I don’t know….that seems a little harsh.


6 thoughts on “Frank Jorge Asks You To Assasinate Politicians”

  1. I agree with Frank. Jorge he is right.
    What if There is a civil war comming and the anti Gov lose. What if Wright should be shot. along with many others. Get out while you can you are a target now.
    Killing a politoc will send a message that the American people are sick and tired of the same old shit.. Subversives like rev Wright have to be put in there place just like liberals. He will be lucky to surive because he is begging to be shot. I hope he gets what he dserves.
    It is time for a good old American Assisation.

  2. To all Americans we are under attack. Our very lives and way of life is under attack. Are you for us are against us? What say you Rev, Wright.? You anti American commie piece of shit.
    Thats my personal opinion. Obama is a freak under someones control. Think about it. He is UnAmerican. Clitons well what do you think. God help us. We are in trouble. Nothing a lot of lead and power won’t cure. I mean it I am not afraid to say that this country is in dier striates. I will not let this country be taken over by insiped scum. We American people will do what we have to do.

  3. I’m sorry you’re so angry, but I think you may want to stop drinking before you post comments. I know that’s not nice to say, but in reading the 3 comments you left on this blog there seems to be a strange train of thought and many misspellings.

    Who are we under attack by? I agree that we need to wake up to what is happening in this country regarding governmental suppression of rights and businesses working to extend poverty across borders, but we’re not being ‘attacked’.

    The problem is those that are so angry can’t see how simple the solution is…..compassion. We work together and we make things change for the betterment of all. It’s easy if you’ll give it a try.

    Obama is a freak? Who are the “insipid scum”?

    The statement that you’re either for us or against us is the worst propaganda there is. It allows for no discussion nor resolution to an issue. The person making the statement represents the ‘power’ and the person forced to decide represent the oppressed who must either be labeled an ally or an enemy. This same mentality is not only why children are made into soldiers in Africa and part of Asia, but it’s also how Hitler came to power – through fear that you would be labeled the ‘enemy’ and treated accordingly.

  4. I personally know Frank. I do not trust him. I believe he informs and provacatuers for the Feds. I was involved with him for about a year before I caught on to his game and left. NEVER trust the loudest voices who cry for the most action!
    If your reading this, ‘sup Frank? Why no more AVIMM? I guess the key members left and after that it could not provacatuer anyone.

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