Joey Vento of Geno’s Steaks

I found this post speaking against Joey Vento that I find very truthful, though it does use harsh language.

To show how silly this whole thing is this post questions whether we’re allowed to order food with foreign names. Is it ok to order a pasta primavera? Can we order manicotti? We certainly can’t order tomales or pico de gallo.

It’s apparent his sign is simply meant to garner media attention as it could not possibly be for non-English speaking people. How could a person who doesn’t read English understand the sign? As the consummate Hummer driving capitalist, Joey knows how to get the media’s attention.

…Like every confused reactionist, I doubt you have suffered all that much from your customer’s inability to speak English. It’s an easy rallying cry for all the zealots that have popped into the public view over that past few years spouting off about their “traditions” and “heritage” constantly being under attack. Trust me; the illusion of your traditions is quite safe.

Also, your claim that you “say what everybody’s thinking but is afraid to say” is complete and utter horseshit. My response to that is “why now, Joe?” If you feel so passionately about this, how come I never saw the “Speak English” sign at Geno’s ten years ago when Philadelphia’s Spanish-only speaking population was starting to majorly swell? Could it be that your boldness in “saying what we’re too afraid to” is merely a knee-jerk response to this idiotic non-issue that has dominated the media in the past six months? You’re not saying what everyone is thinking – you’re barely repeating a laughable theory you heard in passing and hardly comprehend the stupidity of. I find it hysterical that you confuse being swept up in the tide of sensationalism with some kind of renegade straight-talking sermon of self-righteous pride.

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