Chinese Immigrant Mother Wins Asylum

Here’s another story of a tragedy due to insane immigration tactics. Keep in mind this woman was going to the immigration office, she wasn’t hiding from them. But I guess, per the comments on against other “illegal” people, she’s a “parasite” and “scum.” Right. Yeah, it’s nice to call other people these terrible names.

Chinese Immigrant Mother Wins Asylum
By JOANN LOVIGLIO – 1 day ago

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A Chinese woman who miscarried twins after federal authorities hustled her into a van and took her to an airport to deport her will be allowed to stay in the United States, an immigration judge has ruled.

Zhenxing Jiang, 33, who was in the country illegally since 1995, suffered a miscarriage on Feb. 7, 2006, after reporting for an appointment with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Philadelphia. Her case sparked demonstrations by immigrant advocacy groups in New York and Philadelphia and made headlines in China.

During a hearing Tuesday in New York, U.S. Immigration Court Judge Barbara A. Nelson granted Jiang’s request for political asylum based on China’s one-child policy. Jiang and her husband have two sons.

The ruling means she now has permanent legal immigrant status, her attorney, Richard Bortnick, told The Associated Press.

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