Cops nab 7 in Netcong drug raid – Man Arrested For Marijuan Possesion in Morristown

Though all the anti-“illegal” immigrant (see Hispanic) groups would like you to believe that all “illegal” immigrants are murderers, rapists, and drug pushers here’s a story about some of our own home town heroes.

I’m so glad to see they want to help these “illegal” immigrants get the drugs out to our community. It’s a tough job after all.

Maybe these guys were working with the Colombian man arrested in Morristown who is said to be illegal. Now this is how to deal with “illegal” immigrants that want to bring drugs into our communities. Send them to jail.

Seriously, though, I’m glad to see the police taking care of this problem. This is one less drug ring to deal with in our community. They have a tough job and this is the meat of it – ridding our communities of drugs and those that distribute them.

See, my opinion is that we can help the police with this by getting together and forming communities, not factions. People need to start appreciating each other rather than finding ways to look down upon their neighbors. Let’s start treating each other with kindness and give that a chance.

Cops nab 7 in Netcong drug raid – links
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Morristown drug raid – link
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