"We Can Grow Lettuce!"

Anyone that watches “The Office” might remember the episode where Michael is asking his staff, during their appraisals, to interpret his bosses message stating “I guess I missed you.” Being that he had a romantic encounter with her he was eager to determine that she did miss him. Stanley, one of his colleagues, while being evaluated is asked to interpret the message to which he tells Michael “it’s in the pauses.”

This is a great scenerio for John Clark’s speech at the Harrisburg, PA rally because “in the pauses” he was chewing gum and at times it seemed more important to him than actually speaking, or at least telling the truth.

However, my favorite part of his speech was at the end when he implies that the farmers of America are going to scare the population into accepting “illegal” immigrant labor because the price of lettuce will go up. John states “it’s not about lettuce” to which a woman in the crowd (as the sound is fading away in the video) yells, “we can grow lettuce!”

John’s Speech

She’s right. We can grow lettuce. We can also make our own American flags, make pottery and even whicker, but you know what? We don’t. Guess who does? China, a country with very questionable labor practices. And now many farmers are moving their farms to Mexico because they want to utilize the Mexican labor force without having to deal with immigration issues. So I guess that’s ok to? Right? We’ll just drive all labor out of this country. If you don’t want that, then you’d better start putting your money where you mouth is.

More powerful that any bullet is the dollar and even if you don’t hold my opinion, you’d better wake up and realize it.


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