Protesting “No Match” Letters

Immigration rights activists declared Wednesday a national day of action against new immigration measures announced by the Department of Homeland Security last month. One of the rules converts Social Security “no match” letters into a tool of immigration enforcement. The letters are sent to employers when a worker’s stated social security number does not match records in government databases.Under the new rule, employers are required to fire workers or face fines and criminal charges unless the discrepancy is remedied within 90 days.

Story Continued on Democracy Now

Via the usual US hystery government officials are basically forcing companies to fire anyone whos social security doesn’t match up against their records. Although these employees do have 90 days to remedy the issue many companies will not give them the chance to do so. If this is anything like the Florida voting sites, where many were wrongfully told they couldn’t vote due to a criminal record, we’ll surely see many people losing their jobs.

Programs such as these only further the cause of the anti-immigrant crowd who not only want to see a total deportation of all “illegal” immigrants and the eventual removal of anyone deemed “different.”

“No Match” Letter Information from Voces de la Frontera
No Match Letter Q&A From Voces de la Frontera


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