Sheriff lauds illegal immigrant hot line

Here we go. Now a Sheriff in Phoenix has setup an “illegal” immigrant hotline where people are encouraged to call each other in if they suspect they’re “illegal.” This is exactly what we don’t need. I can just see every Hispanic person being called in as an “illegal.” Look at the numbers – 1,800 calls since July. That’s about 24 calls per day. Of course, this is just the beginning.

I wonder how many of these people actually call in crimes on a daily basis – things like leaving children in parked cars, drunk driving, speeding, and animal cruelty. Probably few to none of them. But as soon as they can call in people for appearing to be “illegal”, well they’re all over that.

I really believe that someday we’ll all understand what we should be fighting for.

“Illegal” Immigrant Hotline

Sheriff lauds illegal immigrant hot line

Associated Press – September 17, 2007 3:24 AM ET

PHOENIX (AP) – A controversial new hot line that urges people to report suspected illegal immigrants has generated more than 1,800 calls since it was set up in July.


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