“Protestors Rally Outside of Church to Arrest Illegal Immigrant”

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This story, to me, is the epitome of those that claim to be “pro-America” and anti “illegal” immigrant. They say “God bless you” at the end of their speeches. They tell you they don’t hate anyone or aren’t racists, but here they are, outside a church, protesting to have somebody arrested that did nothing more than exist in this country without consent of the government.

The anti-illegal immigration group Save Our State, which organized the rally of about 120 protesters and counter-protesters in Simi Valley, Calif., said its members had hoped to make a citizen’s arrest of the woman, who has identified herself only as Liliana.

To show you a little about this group “Save Our States” tactics they posted on their website, concerning Elvira Arellano

Hispanics Say Elvira Arellano “… Made Everything Worse”.

So I guess we’re to believe that all Hispanic people are saying this. This is the irony behind groups such as You Don’t Speak For Me. With so many people speaking on other’s behalf and those people stating the others aren’t speaking on their behalf’s, it’s hard to figure out who’s speaking for who.

The faith groups “don’t seem to realize that they are being charitable with someone else’s resources, and that’s not charity,” said Ira Mehlman of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, which favors limits on immigration.

I must of lost the definition of charity somewhere because I thought that’s where you helped others.  Now I guess it menas you stand outside of God’s house and demand somebody be arrested.  I’m sure He’s really proud of these people. 

This is a sick story just as the one concerning Elvira Arellano is. I haven’t seen this type of media for a child molester. Look at Michael Devlin. Do you remember him? Does anybody know what happened with that story? To me that’s a little more grievous than a woman, hurting nobody, trying to make a living. What heinous crime did these women commit anyway?

These stories just go to show the demon in some people. They get their little hateful cause moving and then their motivated by some rush of venom when they see their prey. It is sick and ridiculous – especially in this country. If these people really cared about others they would find humanitarian way to help them rather than just trying to see who can kick these immigrants the farthest.


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