“How Female Illegals Abuse the System ” From iFeminist.com

ifeminist story – “How Female Illegals Abuse the System”

Just when I thought that accusations, which seek to partner “illegal” immigrants with gross abuses of people and our system, had already reached a heightened state of ridiculousness, I find this article.

This article, on a feminist (?) website non-the-less goes on to accuse “illegal” immigrant women of scamming there loving husbands out of money by accusing them of abuse or threatening to take away their children.

“A friend at work whose family migrated here from Mexico told me it’s common knowledge that if a woman marries a U.S. citizen and it doesn’t work out, she can claim abuse and get the resources she needs,” Howard sadly explains. “I believe the Violence Against Women Act should be called the ‘Women Get What They Want Act.'”

Then there’s this strange quote:

“As a victim of abuse previously myself, I am sensitive to real victims of abuse. But those who commit fraud and claim abuse where none exists endanger us all,” the woman confides.

Who decides what’s “real” abuse and what isn’t. These women are taking authority to decide which cases are false – which seem to be any involving “illegal” immigrants. Maybe they should do some research on the human slave trade. Those “illegal” immigrants certainly aren’t coning anybody. Or are they?

The abuse rip-off has become so accepted that its proponents openly instruct women how to fleece their boyfriends and husbands. One group instructs gold diggers to view restraining orders “as a tool for economic justice.” Simply accuse your man of violence, and you can force him to pay your attorney’s fees, medical expenses, punitive damages, use of his house and car, and much, much more. It’s really that simple!

This is what is called “hate speech.” You can read the anger and hate in this article. If you ask me, it really seems to be written by a man.

Partnering a particular group with a crime or set of crimes is not too hard to do. We have a hoard of white “legals” that we can speak of that have committed heinous crimes. Just two: Andrea Yates, and Kirk Coleman.

So are we going to play this game or are we going to find solutions and help each other avoid this type of insanity?


2 thoughts on ““How Female Illegals Abuse the System ” From iFeminist.com”

  1. Hello my name is Susana, I’m a 30 yr. women that have been in a abuse relationship and married to a illegal person. Well, I agree to some statements and situations and some i don’t, why? Because I myself have been in a relationship where i was abuse emotionally, physically and mentally. I have seen and been there were real women regardless of there legal status have been truly abuse by “illegal” and “legal” mans. However, I also have seen and know regardless of the status of the womens that they do completely abuse the system completely and know they way around it. Therefore, that’s why when it hit us the real women that have been in abusive relationship they don’t believe on us because of them and not only “illegal” women but also “U.S. citizen” women. So for this I think that the system should see the facts and completely do more investigations beyond the boundaries of your residence status. I personally think this is not fair at all for all the women that have been in this ugly and horrifying situation because of the the “GOLD DIGGERS, LAZY AND UNEDUCATED” women that love to live at the expenses of the pain of the real women that go through this emotional and distressful situation. In my own words stop trying to lye to your self that you are a royal women that don’t deserved to work and want to live a royalty life stand up and believe in your rights and start living a life of your own.

  2. Any person that would abuse another, in any way, is an evil coward and I abhor that. However, I also don’t condone people judging other’s situations as false and then partnering certain people with accusations. For example, I would react the same way to a story stating that all white women are gold diggers and only marry for money.

    What’s worse than being in an abusive relationship, or situation, is being in that situation and having nobody believe you.

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