My Response to Daryl Metcalfe’s Speech At The Voice Of The People USA’s Rally In Harrisburg

Though this response may not be timely it is still relevant. We must not let hate become the rule of law in this country.

It is sad to see a representative of our government supporting such hateful things. To have this type of argument in this country is very unfortunate. As with many others, I grew up being taught that the United States was a land of freedom composed of immigrants. It is referred to as the great melting pot, but this reference is being eroded by a fanatical movement to remove immigrants, though here illegally, that are working and truly want to be a part of this free land.

In my opinion this issue is a the culmination of a gathered selfishness. Ironically though, it is this same selfishness that has provided the door to these “illegal” immigrants. For these people that are rallying around the “deport now” slogans and the “build the wall” message, how has this cheap labor affected their ability to buy things? All companies go for the lowest bid. These anti-“illegals” are delusional if they think they have not had extended buying power from the “illegal” immigrants’ labor.

Jobs will not free up when and if these “illegal” immigrants are driven out of the country. It is already happening that companies are sending their factories to other countries. Just look at where your shoes, shirts, jackets, televisions, and even the computer you may be reading this on are made. Where is the website telling me how to buy US made products? What happened to Wal-marts “Made In America” kick. It’s gone. Gone because Americans are selfish. They want to buy, buy, buy, but they don’t want to have to look at the people who toil for there luxury. This has always been the case and will continue to be.

Metcalfe is as selfish as any of these people. Just read his speech. “I came up with this” and “I created that.” Why not give others credit Daryl? Will it not lead to reelection? Is it hard to get out of your own skin and think of what others may be feeling?

We’ve been cruel long enough. Let’s start to show some compassion. For those that like to call this an “invasion” by “illegal” immigrants let me tell you of an invasion that the United States is currently involved in. That, of course, is the Iraq war. Now that is the definition of an “invasion.” Going in to another country to find a job and to work does not constitute an “invasion.” However, when you’re a hateful person that doesn’t like to look at others who are “different” then you’ll call it an “invasion.”

Just imagine yourself happy for a moment. Now, in this moment of happiness, what is happening? Are millions of people being sent back to an impoverished country to probably die? Well, I’m sad you feel that way. I guess I always thought it was better to help and get along with others.


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