The city of Manassas Park decided to cancel its third annual Latino Festival

Manassas Park Cancels Latino Festival, Blaming Activists

The city of Manassas Park decided to cancel its third annual Latino Festival this month, blaming anti-illegal-immigrant activists for scaring away sponsors.

M. Park cancels Latino Fest

“The lack of sponsorship, or predominately the lack of sponsorship, is associated with the creation of an ethnically unfriendly environment, not from city of Manassas Park, but from actions of jurisdictions around us,” Jones said on Monday.

Groups like Help Save Manassas are basically saying that you are saving the community by removing the “illegal” immigrants. What are you saving it from?Here is their pledge (with translation):

Our Membership Pledge

All members of Help Save Manassas have signed a pledge that affirms the following:

  • I am a U. S. Citizen or legal resident residing in the Greater Manassas Area (No outsiders allowed!)

  • I am in accord with the principles and objectives of Help Save Manassas (I will blindly follow this group and will not be allowed to have my own opinion on unless it fits directly with the goals, objectives, and beliefs of “Help Save Manassas.”)

  • I will not employ illegal aliens, nor do business with entities that employ illegal aliens, or otherwise contribute to conditions which may encourage the presence of illegal aliens within our communities. (I will not do business with anyone who employs or is Hispanic because that’s the only way I’ll know they are not “illegals” from Mexico.)

  • I will endeavor to responsibly engage in the ongoing public dialog on issues related to illegal immigration. (I will engage in propaganda and rhetoric to further my cause and will not refrain from exhibiting hateful tactics when necessary. I will promote hate for other human beings in my community and seek to rid my community of those different than me – especially poor immigrants.)


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