Joey Vento’s Ridiculous Sign – Geno’s Steaks

Can you read this sign? It says (if the translation software was accurate) “This is Greece. When ordering speak Greek.”

This is no different than Joey Vento’s, of Geno’s Steaks, ridiculous sign. If Joey went to Greece, though, they’d probably speak English to him, I guess he might get a Gyro with onions when he said no onions. Maybe Joey is alergic to onions. Oops, I guess he should have learned Greek before going to Greece. It’s funny how people like Joey don’t feel like we should take the time to learn other languages, but we sure are glad to find someone in other countries who can speak English when we travel there.

Well Joey, I guess you won’t be able to get that γύρος after all.


4 thoughts on “Joey Vento’s Ridiculous Sign – Geno’s Steaks”

  1. Bednarsky Talk Radio 03-12-08 – Guest Joey Vento, owner of Geno Steaks

    On March 12, 2008 at 9am EST Live (That’s right our first morning show), Joey Vento owner of Geno’s Steaks will be our guest and we will be discussing how the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations is trying to make him remove the sign that he has up saying “This Is America, Please Speak English When Ordering”. Now the last time I looked around this was still America, what is America coming to when the government thinks they can control our freedom of speech? We will be asking this and many more questions, so don’t miss the show.

  2. The point is that the sign makes no sense and would obviously have no effect on a non-English speaker. Apparently in Vento’s warped world those who can’t speak English can read it.

    Vento is just an opportunist. Obviously he has the right to be a sad individual promoting hatred for dollars, but we also have the right to say it makes no sense. For those that go there to support this sign – well, they just help promote fear, hatred and intolerance of others.

    Today it’s “speak English” and tomorrow we’re back to “whites only.” Being an Italian Joey should have some appreciation for the racism which fueled great hatred toward his ancestors in the U.S. which lead to many being lynched.

    If you want me to help promote your show then just let me know. Don’t go cutting and pasting stuff all over my blog. I’m open minded and don’t mind letting people know.

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