Who Is Ruthiness? She’s The Blog Host Of Illegal Protest

In my opinion ruthiness is a wonderful example of the fanatic movement that has taken the “illegal” immigrant debate as a way to work to remove all Hispanics from their neighborhoods. She clearly states in replies on this blog that she does not like Mexicans. Yes Ruth, that’s what hatred is. The funny thing is that I’m watching “Freedom Writers” while I write this. Maybe Ruth should watch it. She could learn something.

I don’t know that there is much love in her heart. If there is any I hope she’ll find it someday.

Ruth is a good friend of Dan Amato who apparently joins other Americans in a desire to have everything as cheap as possible regardless of the “real” costs. Well, the lowest price usually comes with a hidden cost. This is why we’re in this situation with the “illegal” immigrants. From Dan’s family adventure he writes:

Miles and miles of every motel and hotel you can imagine. The one good thing about all of these motels is that with so many they’re in competition and we found a motel run by a Pakistani family (at least I think they were Pakistani) that was only $21 a night for a double.

Hey Dan, I guess they’re going to pay someone a “living” wage to help maintain the place, right? Oh, that’s their problem not yours.

This is my favorite Dan Amato comment on his family adventure blog:

We passed a little hotel about 15 minutes before we got there, so if you’re heading up Route 66 from the west I’d suggest you stop there instead before you get raped and sodomized by incompetent and unhelpful people.

Here are some comments Ruth has posted elsewhere:

What a bunch of crybabies getting upset over a GOD DAMNED CARTOON! They need to grow up and get over it.. I’m SICK AND TIRED of oversensitive religious zealots trying to force THEIR religion down everyone’s throats. I’m not walking on GOD DAMNED EGG SHELLS because some Islamic jihadist might get upset. If that is the case, let me walk on a truckload of eggshells with pictures of Muhammed on a dog painted on them.


Well it seems the Mayor is TRYING to enforce immigration laws but his efforts are getting bogged down by lawsuits filed by traitorous organizations who seek to aid,abet,harbor and encourage illegal aliens to live in Danbury, CT.

If you are a resident of Danbury you better be supporting Mayor Broughton in his efforts or soon Danbury will end up like Miami, another third world country right here in the US.

Bottom line is – illegal aliens need to be deported and it is the right of our law enforcement officers to see that this happens. Doesn’t matter if they have families here or not.. if they are caught trying to take American jobs at a day labor site and deported – that is the risk they have taken by being here illegally.

Maybe Ruth should wait for work at the day labor site:

The way to fight this is for any city with a Day Labor Site to encourage unemployed Americans to use the day labor site. Then, not only do they get work, but they also then dilute the “all Hispanic” group at the Day Labor Site and then it cannot be said that there was “racial discrimination” when ICE checks for immigration status.
If you are an umemployed construction worker – what are you waiting for? Get out there at the places where illegals are waiting for work and compete with them!

From Alipac.us:

Below is an image captured by Frank Jorge and provided by Ruthiness of Stop The Invasion of Raymond Herrera giving me the Nunes office experience. Raymond didn’t know who I was and I didn’t know him. We were both just American citizens having a discussion.

Does Ruth believe we should assassinate politicians like Frank Jorge does?

I also wanted to point out that on her blog “Illegal Protest” she uses AdSense which has, fortunately for the unemployed, pointed us to “Work at Home – Make $25/hr.” Thanks Ruth. Maybe you are a humanitarian after all. Oh, yes. We can also work towards becoming Paralegals. Then we could sue cities that are trying to enforce inhumane and tyrannical ordinances.


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