Myself vs Racist Fascism – From Chaos Motor blog

Myself vs Racist Fascism – full text

Myself vs Racist Fascism

Some of my most enjoyable teaching moments are when people send me rabid emails about this or that. I’m kind of an asshole about it, and I love to demonstrate to people how misguided their views are and hypocritical to their proclaimed political & religious stances. Here’s one I went through recently.


If you’re serious about this ridiculousness then stop eating fruits and vegetables, using hotels, eating in restaurants, and requiring janitorial services and other unskilled labor sources. That or we could set up a guest worker program that actually functions and reflects the realities of the world since… oh… 1848?

Or pay reasonable salaries equivalent in value to the services performed so as to allow Americans to hold these sort of jobs and still support their families. But living wages hurt the profits of the fat-cats at the top who don’t do a single day’s labor but get paid 1000x what their employees do. But you know what else was good for profits? Slavery. No wages to pull down the bottom line! Maybe we should try that again?

But hey, rabid anti-Latino racism works too if you’d rather not actually know anything about the situation or care about real solutions. Here’s an idea for that – let’s build a fence, shoot people who cross it, and poison their water supplies, so they all stay at home in starvation poverty with abject governmental corruption where the only jobs are maquiladoras that only employ women 18-28 and shut down whenever their employees demand more than a few pesos a day.


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