Buy Minuteman Salsa and Help Fight Against Hispanic Intruders

Just when I though I’d seen it all here is a salsa made to help fight against Hispanic “illegal” immigrants. Of course, salsa, regardless of its country of origin, is not an “illegal” product, though I guess Pace isn’t going to arm men on the US/Mexico border and have them shoot anyone that tries to cross.

Minuteman Salsa, like the valiant minutemen of the original 13 colonies, seeks to rally Americans in defense of their homes, kitchens, and parties, and to learn more about the true source of their Southwestern treat. Minuteman Salsa encourages hungry Americans to visit and try some salsa they’ll love to eat, and be proud to support.

I don’t remember being taught of it in school, but I do seem to remember my grandfather telling of a sauerkraut made during World War II, by US patriots, whose sales were instrumental to our defeating Hitler.

From Daily Kos

Even racists get hungry.
by Duke1676
Fri Aug 18, 2006 at 09:48:03 PM PDT

With the ever-increasing multicultural nature of US society, a revolution has come in the eating habits of the average American. Exposed to the cuisine of different cultures, Americans have been enthralled with the foods and flavors of strange and exotic places. From little Thai restaurants in strip-malls in Texas to the Caribbean infused cuisine of Miami, Americans can’t get enough of the tasty treats offered by other cultures.

But this influx of new foods has created a conundrum for racists and xenophobes. While thoroughly enjoying some of these foods, with their strange and delicious mix of ingredients and spices, your average garden-variety racist seems to have problems accepting the fact that they “love the food, but hate the people” when it comes to some very popular ethnic items.

Now it seems they’ve found a solution to this problem, at least when it comes to America’s new number 1 condiment. A group of five clever entrepreneurs from San Antonio have introduced “Minuteman Salsa – America’s 100% US-born and bred Southwestern salsa”

From Houston Chronicle’s Blue Bayou Reader Blog

Now, since illegal immigrants come from Mexico for jobs, wouldn’t successful Mexican businesses help stop them from coming? So if you really wanted to cut down on illegal immigration, the right kind of business activity would be importing Mexican-made products, or investing in Mexican companies, so that they can provide good jobs for Mexican citizens.

But the people at Minuteman seem to think that Mexican companies that provide jobs for Mexicans in Mexico are part of the illegal immigration problem. Huh?

Of course, if you want to cash in on xenophobia and bigotry, Minuteman’s marketing is right on target.


1 thought on “Buy Minuteman Salsa and Help Fight Against Hispanic Intruders”

  1. Geez…..we know these fools will do about anything to get a few bucks or some publicity…. I liked the one where they were handing out water bottles to show what great folk they are. But then, why all that need for the ammo?

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