Visions of immigrant culture center, language program

Here’s a town that’s trying to do the right thing. Maybe Pennsylvania (i.e. Hazleton) should consider this approach.

OneTelluride plan for immigration integration

By Katie Klingsporn

Telluride’s immigrant community is a vibrant, growing and integral part of its workforce and schools.

And the Telluride Foundation is working on easing the process of integration with the ultimate goal of making Telluride a more welcoming and cohesive community.

To facilitate immigration integration into the community at large, the Telluride Foundation, with the help of community input and a state grant, has come up with a plan called OneTelluride.

The plan touches on many goals in the arenas of health care, employment, law enforcement and education, but at its center are two big-ticket goals: creating a regional cultural center for the community and providing a comprehensive language service.

“Telluride is not necessarily considered a friendly town by some immigrants,” said Telluride Foundation’s Paul Major, pointing mainly to stringent state laws that target undocumented residents. “But I think we have a chance to overcome a lot of that.”



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