Andrew Wallace of News With Views – Prays To Remove The Hispanic Invaders

Andrew Wallace’s article entitled Is There One Person Who Can Answer These Questions is just beneath an ad stating “Take This And Live Forever.” Well Andrew. Let’s answer this question first since you’re being paid to host that advertiser. Where is your responsibility to your readers? Are you above duping them into phony promises of longevity?

In his article Andrew goes into his Christian mode and is going to pray to a compassionate God about hot to rid our country of these “invaders.” Andrew, let me have Jesus call you later as it seems that you’ve lost your sense of civility, compassion, and humanity. You know, all the attributes they teach you in church.

It is my sincere prayer that someone out there can answer one or more of these questions quickly in a way that will save this country. Just a very few of the facts that support my need for prayer are as follows: 1. There is no such thing as any economic benefit from illegal invaders they will cause abject poverty for Americans.
2. Every illegal head of household costs taxpayers $19,588 a year, over and above any taxes paid.

More from his article:

11. Do American citizens have any way to be compensated for the thousands who were murdered, raped, robbed and molested by illegal invaders supported and protected by business and government contrary to our constitution and laws?

Do the people of Iraq have this right too?

8. Corporations and government officials are sharing the blood money they get from hiring and protecting illegal invaders which is looting the resources of our country. It is blood money because 25 Americans die every day, on average, at the hands of illegals.

Blood money, Andrew? Like the money you get from your sponsors on the News With Views website?


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