Immigration Watch Dog, Just Another Racist Anti-Immigrant Website

Immigration Watch Dog is another great anti-immigrant site. If you’re not sure whether they’re racist or not just look at the image below. This is the page header for their website. It doesn’t look like those Hispanic men in the picture are in such good shape.
Immigration Watch Dog Website

In probably one of the funniest juxtapositions I’ve seen they have a “Deport Pedro” shirt right above a “Racism Sucks” shirt. I guess racism doesn’t really suck. That’s probably a joke like the “Deport Pedro” is supposed to be.

Finally we have a poem from their website. Just read it and I’ll let you decide if it’s racist.


3 thoughts on “Immigration Watch Dog, Just Another Racist Anti-Immigrant Website”

  1. Of course they’re NOT racist! That label is the only label pro illegal alien and open borders advocates and supporters can put on anyone who is Patriotic, rule and law abiding and way of life protecting American citizens. Name one excerpt from that “poem” that is not true. All of the crime, social program and infrastructure statistics are all there. Americans for American souvernity can’t help that the vast majority of illegal and legal immigrants are from mexico, only mexicans can help that fact!

    Welfare was established back in the early 60’s for single American mothers and the poor. Did you get that, “Single American mothers and the poor”? Once the word got out that you can live the American dream off the tax payers who fund the programs, all kinds of immigration both legal and illegal began to rise. If all of you PC bleeding hearts believe that it is just fine to pay for some unknown immigrant family while your own family struggles to survive then start a missionary program or charity organization, give half of what you earn and work to pay for the needy. If not then you are a racist too for refusing to ignore the needs of your own family over some unknowns!

    google aztlan, mecha, la raza, lulac and all the other government sponsored race based groups and tell me if they represent mexicans or any one of any race? After looking into these organizations tell me if supporting their own culture, race, way of life and agenda are “racist” or not. If you believe in your heart of hearts that we were all created equal and that we should all have opportunity then why do these groups cater to and represent only their own people and race? Tell me then how can these same groups label when they label and segregate? Isn’t what these groups do selective while ignoring the needs of all people equally? Sounds kinda like separatist and “racist” to me if they are only taking care of and looking out for their own.

    What is the difference then with a Patriotic American protecting American way of life, culture, way of life and future for all Americans? Is it any different from what these mexican racist organizations are doing?

    By the way, what race is an illegal alien? And is defying rule and law and breaking federal law for that matter the new PC way of the new America? If so America does not want that type of influence in our land of sovereignty because it is called communism. So if you have answered yes to any of these questions you should get the Fuck out of this country right along with the rest of the anti establishment kooks who throw out the only defense to your agenda -“racism”.

  2. The above pictures prove my point about the website. I don’t use the word racist unless there’s proof and the above pictures are proof enough. A while back they also had a video with many anti-Hispanic comments displayed over a still picture of a man in a headlock.

    You tell me what race an illegal alien is. Racism is a loosely used term these days but the above images tell you what race Immigration Watch Dog thinks illegal alien is. If you’re trying to subvert the issue – the realities of prejudice – through semantics then you really aren’t trying to solve anything.

    If you read enough posts here you’d know I don’t simply call everyone racist. And to tell me to get out of the country – that’s anti-American. This is a free country and if you can’t handle that they maybe you should leave. If you want fascism there are many groups you can join that are pushing for that and would be happy to bring you on board.

    In regards to extremism – sure that exists on both sides. This site is a pro-migrant blog. They’re the ones being attacked – not us “patriotic” Americans. Somehow people get this strange idea that if a minority group gets together to fight racism and prejudice then any group they form, especially if membership is exclusive to their race, is racist. This type of mindset can truly only be held by people that want that group to be kept down. If there wasn’t so much hatred going around now these groups wouldn’t be necessary. Rather than focus on Hispanic hate groups which were create as a result of prejudice why not focus on white hate groups that were created just to keep other races “in their place.” Was the Klu Klux Klan formed because they were trying to keep the white man down?

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