News With Views – Responsible Website?

News With Views supposedly “shatters the illusions” of normal mainstream media, but apparently thinks they are above common morality. If it’s not bad enough that you can barely tell what’s an advertisement and what’s an actual news item. They’ve clogged the page with anti-aging ads, credit repair ads, get fit ads, self defense ads, and – my favorite – a “Sneaky Way to Make Money.”

Thanks News With Views for duping your readers into clicking on these links. Yeah, I’m sure there is some real validity to the get rich quick scheme you’re advertising (how rich are these ads making you?). It’s good to see that News With Views is above reproach when it comes to ethics, but they’re sure quick to point out law when referencing “illegal” immigrants. Well, don’t worry News With Views, it’s not against the law to provide links to bogus promises of prosperity on your site. It’s just a little “sneaky.”

Looks like News With Views has the secret to anti-aging. Now if they can just figure out how to keep those pesky Hispanics out of the United States.


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