Daily Show with Jon Stewart – Cost of Freedom – Canada

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart ran a segment on Tuesday night about immigration to Canada. The segment featured Paul Fromm from Canada First Immigration Reform Committee.

(At least their website isn’t full or ridiculous ads to “work at home” and “get rich quick schemes” like some American anti-immigrant sites are.

In this segment the reporter, Dan Bakkedahl, speaks with Paul:

Announcer: “Mexicans – they’re tearing America apart and they’ve got so good at country tearing they’re taking it up north. Paul Fromm, founder of the Canada First Immigration Reform Committee, knows the danger.”

Paul: “I mean we’re being invaded. In fact what we suspect is happening is large number of Mexicans will Hispanisize Canadian culture.”

Dan: “Right, Candian culture, and that’s right, that’s terrible because um…. What is that exactly?”

Paul: “um….” (Thinking about the question. Has no response.)

Announcer: “And all of that culture is at risk.”

Dan: “Who’s to blaim. Besides the Mexicans?”

Paul: “Government policy which wants to replace our population. Greedy businessmen and of course, immigration lawyers who make a bucket load of money off “consulting.”
Later in the segment his interview with Paul continues:

“Let’s say I’m a Canadian and a Mexican moves in next door. What can I expect?”

Paul: “Well it will probably depend on the type of Mexican you’ve got.”

“Let’s say it’s your typical Mexican.”

Paul: “Un, you’ll get their particular lifestyle. The loud cars, the yard not taken care of in the same tidy little way an Italian or Anglo Saxon might do. They won’t take any direction. ‘Put your litter in the garbage or don’t urinate here or whatever.”

For a moment I didn’t know if I was watching The Daily Show or Ruth Miller’s speech at the Freeland, PA rally for Voice Of The People USA.


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