“Illegal” Immigrants Contributing To Social Security

As our government slowly works to destroy our good standing in the world and our monetary credit at least they’ve figured out how to keep the money rolling in.

According to this story from 2005 “illegal” immigrants have contributed much of the 300 billion dollars to Social Security thanks to black market social security cards. This is good since the government is basically working to remove the ability, of people such as myself, to actually receive social security after retiring.

Here’s the drill: People enter the country illegally, promptly procure bogus Social Security cards from the black market, and use them to get jobs. Eventually they get paid, and those earnings generate W-2s that go to the Social Security Administration, which tucks them away in something called the “earnings suspense file.” (The government does try to notify some of the larger employers that Social Security cards they’ve accepted appear to be phony, but that’s about the extent of its efforts to figure out where all this money is coming from.) According to the best estimates of the Social Security Administration, the fund has kept track over the last 20 years of more than $300 billion in total earnings – the vast majority of them attributable to illegal immigrants.

Three-hundred billion dollars! You have to admit that’s pretty impressive in a country where no one will admit to actually hiring illegal immigrants in the first place.


It’s amazing. Some of the same people who are constantly complaining about how illegal immigrants are the ruin of the civilization, including some Republicans in Congress, have no more qualms about letting them continue to prop up Social Security.

And people wonder why we have so much illegal immigration. Not me. I wonder why we don’t have more of it.

Illegal immigrants and Social Security – Full Story


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