DREAM Act Fails – Ruth Miller of Illegal Protest Smiles

Thanks to the vehement machine that is the anti-immigration movement the DREAM act will not see the light of day. Though I don’t agree with bills “tucked” into other bills I do want to see a compassionate solution to this issue.

However, I can at least take joy in the fact that Ruth Miller over at Illegal Protest got a chance to scowl at her Mexican neighbors as she arrived home from work today having fired up here PC to gleefully post:

Happy happy joy joy! We can rest again for a little while until the next round of amnesty traitors tries to pull the wool over our eyes. Guess what? We aren’t gonna let them!

Senate temporarily sidelines immigration legalization bill – Story on Houston Chronicle’s website

In a tribute to Ruth let’s study her response to one of my posts:

Americans are waking up to this invasion of our country by cheap labor third world invaders who do not wish to become citizens of this great country. They are takers and they are sucking this country dry.
We will stop that by any means necessary.

So Ruth – If they don’t want to become citizens then why are you fighting the DREAM act and other similar acts that provide them with a path to citizenship? I mean, you’re a smart woman. If they don’t want to become citizens then why bother? It’s like Joey’s ridiculous sign instructing them in a language they don’t understand. It makes no sense.

More from Ruth:

If you want to improve things why don’t you push Mexico to take care of their own poor people instead of exporting them to the US?

We are sick and tired of paying for people who put nothing back into the system. The majority of the illegals are working with stolen identities.

I can only hope your identity gets stolen and used by illegals so you can experience for yourself the first hand effect of the destruction of this country.

Read here to see of the growing anger by Americans which is NOT imaginary or unfounded.


We shall overcome this invasion and people like you are on the WRONG side of the issue and you will lose.

Ruth. Why don’t YOU push to change things in Mexico? That way you won’t have to look at them anymore because they’ll “stay where they belong” right?

Thanks Ruth for sending me over to News With Views. Isn’t that where they have the get rich quick schemes and anti-aging ads plastered all over the site? Aren’t they selfishly duping their audience into clicking those ads or are they hoping an “illegal” immigrant will do it so they can sit back, count the ad revenue, and laugh.


4 thoughts on “DREAM Act Fails – Ruth Miller of Illegal Protest Smiles”

  1. Thanks for clarifying that’s actually you. I’m glad to see you take such pride in being full or hate. Next time try to hold the flag right!

  2. By the way Ruth. You should read things other than the hate articles by your buddy Frosty Wooldridge. Just as you’ve stated, these “illegal” immigrants are using false social security cards to get jobs and I’m sure you realize that means they are paying social security. So it does seems they are putting something into the system. It’s time to get your head out of the hot sands of hate.

  3. The Dream Act had little to do with immigrant workers staying and working legally in the United States. It was to help poor and financially disadvantage students in the United States that come to the U.S. illegally at a young age and go to K-12, but by the time they finish high school may be at the top of their class; brilliant students but cannot go to college because their parents make little money, they do not get financial aid, and if accepted to a college or university cannot afford it because it is too expensive. Now thousands of bright students will not have the chance to achieve a higher education. I feel very sad for my friend who wants to attend an university but can’t because it is too expensive. All of you may not care because you do not understand their situations. Until you experience what they have you will change your views towards immigrant students. Many doctors, lawyers, business leaders, scientist, educators, and other professionals could have come out of this disadvantage students. They have dreams. However their dreams are becoming more distant. If you do not feel any compassion or a sense of understanding towards what I am trying to say, than I consider you inhuman and selfish. Further more, you are inhuman and selfish!

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