Sensible Solutions: Quotes from Steve and Ed’s Weblog about illegal immigrants.

Full Post from Steve and Ed’s Weblog

I think this is an admirable viewpoint on this topic and I enjoy reading sensible people’s comments to this situation. However, I know the anti-immigrants might not find enough accusations and hate speech to fill their gills.

I am afraid that without this part of our society our lives will forever be altered and our economy will be ruined. Argument: Their children do go to our schools and they go to our hospitals and these costs do come from the taxpayer’s pockets. Rebuttal in Steve-logic:

I am sure I am sure if some economist and sociologist would get together over a low fat, rice milk latte at a coffeehouse, preferably not a Starbucks because they are monopolizing the coffeehouse industry, and look at the costs of healthcare and schooling associated with these aliens versus the benefits of having them work our low paying jobs to keep our countries costs of goods and services low, we come out ahead with having them live in our country. Conclusion: let’s face it folks, the left wing liberals (I’m a conservative liberal-just to clarify) will never make our folks on welfare do these jobs and there are not enough high-schoolers who will do this type of labor so we must come to a compromise.

It angers me to hear politicians compare Illegal Mexicans to terrorists. Some Politicians are saying that whenever we have an undocumented alien living in our country it threatens the fabric of security. That this is how the 911 terrorists got into our country.
Excuse me!!!…But the 911 terrorists were in here on student visas and overstayed their visas. They did not gain access to the US by stowing away in the dashboard of a 1967 Chevy Impala. The government had documentation that these men were in our country but they never checked to see if they ever exited. I don’t know about you but I really can’t see migrant workers planning any terrorist activities. I don’t think they want to bring down a building, destroy our society or harm anyone. They want to be included in our society and live the American dream, Mexican style. There is no Mexican Jihad that I am aware of.


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