“Buy American!”

Though I know it’s “attacking” and underhanded I cannot help but continue to focus on Ruth Miller. After her nasty comments on my blog my only catharsis is to continue posting about her.

Pictures of Ruth and Dan Amato from the Stop-The-Invasion.com website.

Doesn’t she know that Dell’s laptop computers aren’t made in the United States? Well Ruth, Systemax computers are one-hundred percent USA – made and serviced. (Just in case her goal is to be a “real” patriot.)

From Wikipedia: Dell’s assembly-plants in China and Malaysia assemble 95% of Dell notebooks.

Systemax MFG is an entirely American company. All tech support, manufacturing, sales, and service is based in America, with tech support and manufacturing in Ohio.

See what I just did? I educated on how to buy American. Why doesn’t Ruth and her ilk do this? Maybe because they don’t care about buying American, they just care about hating Hispanics.

Ruth, unlike many “illegal” immigrants gets to enjoy a life of high-tech gadgets. She has her video camera, laptop, blue-tooth headset, and so forth. This is the life she’s trying to protect. One where she can sweep her video camera across her local park and see no Hispanic people enjoying their lives. As with all anti-immigrants this argument is about them. They take nobody else into consideration. Obviously, they have no concern for the lives of “illegal” immigrants.

Bravo anti-immigrant groups for making America such a hostile and unfriendly place.


4 thoughts on ““Buy American!””

  1. I would prefer to buy an American made laptop BUT THERE ISN’T ONE NOW IS THERE? I try to avoid foreign manufactured things but in this day and age it is IMPOSSIBLE. So it’s nice to see you have made such a full time job out of studying me. Some might construe that to be stalking now wouldn’t they.

  2. And I have a lot of concern for poor and needy people in any country. I just don’t see how importing them all here helps them in any way – ESPECIALLY when they are arrogant and refuse to assimilate to become a US Citizen. They don’t want to be here. Why would you support tearing families apart in other countries so they can make a better living thousands of miles from their homes. I would much prefer that the illegals who are coming here could prosper in their own countries. I fight against the same elitists you do. I have a comfortable life NOT because of illegal aliens but because we made this country what it is through American ingenuity. Bringing the WORLD here does not solve the WORLD’S problems. It is people like you who think that who are the ignorant ones.

  3. As I stated above. Systemax (from Tiger Direct) is a fully American computer company.

    In regards to the comment on stalking, I have made it my duty to call out those people that are spewing hate speech and exhibiting racism. If you didn’t do these things I’d pay no mind to you at all.

    It’s ok to have a problem with “illegal” immigration; however, it’s not ok to be a racist. .

    More on Systemax – ” Systemax™ is the Great American PC Maker.

    Ask your current PC Vendor 3 questions:
    1. Are 100% of their systems assembled in the USA by US workers?
    2. Are 100% of their tech support calls and emails answered in the USA by US workers?
    3. Do they have a company policy to NEVER export American jobs?

    If they can’t answer YES to all 3 questions, then come ask Systemax™. We say “Yes” to the American worker. We are the largest, most-reliable PC manufacturer in the country that can make these claims. We’ve been assembling and supporting the highest quality PCs for American businesses and families in Fletcher, Ohio for over 20 years.”

  4. In regard to your second comment, if your problem is that these people don’t want to become citizens then why do you bother fighting against programs, which do not provide direct amnesty, to make them citizens? It makes no sense.

    We do both disagree with some of the same things. I simply cannot stand somebody calling another race and/or culture “fat and lazy” through stereotyping or any other such nonsense. You make your points without the racist and hate-filled jabs and I have no problem with you. Not that it matters I’m sure, but you must realize that those hateful comments alienate you from some that may actually be against the same things you are. Just as you’d prefer not to stand with white supremacists (I think) I’m not going to stand next to someone that makes racist comments.

    Just to clarify – the WE you speak of ARE the immigrants. And you have a comfortable life because others do not and you should appreciate what you have. How many people in this world live nowhere close to the comfort level you do? All Americans were given the gift, at birth, of being born in America. It’s time we show other people compassion and understand this gift we were given when we just as easily could have been born to poverty in another country. If you believe in God and what He’s given us then you should also have the heart to exhibit compassion for others as He has for us.

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