Fun Quotes From Voice Of The People USA

Instead of learning how to create a website, or conceding, like I did, by using a platform like wordpress or blogger, Voice Of The People USA continues to spread their hate via a poorly constructed website.

Normally they just place articles up without properly citing or linking to the original source, but now they’ve begun asking for money and placing quotes on their page.


FCP 5/15/2007

The first person who can tell me who FCP is gets one of those car window flags that were so popular right after 9/11.

Now by “invader” they mean the Hispanic “illegal” immigrants that are here to take over our country one menial job at a time. What the heck is wrong with the people over at VOP USA? “Immigrants seek to integrate.” Which immigrants? Let’s take a definition of integrate from Webster’s:

to end the segregation of and bring into equal membership in society or an organization.

Ok, so if we’re talking about the new immigrants, ok, maybe they do want to integrate. Who wants to be left out and made to feel an outsider? But what of the old immigrants? No, they’ve never sought to integrate. Since this country was founded people with the same mentality as Voice of The People USA have been making immigrants very much unwelcome. If Daniel and Andrew don’t agree with me it’s simply due to their lack of understanding regarding the history of the United States; though one would hope that a group calling themselves the voice of the people would understand such things.

Trying to find anything about this quote on the internet I ironically found this site with part of the phrase on it. “Invaders seek to dominate” can be found there. Daniel and gang may have never seen this site before, but it doesn’t surprise me that it’s the only site that came up. These anti-immigrants have a dialogue that constantly recycles words and phrases so sooner or later they’ll parrot each other.


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