Heritage Foundation’s Report on Low-Skilled Households

I recently sat down to read The Heritage Foundation’s report entitled “The Fiscal Cost of Low-Skill Households to the U.S. Taxpayer and was left with the following thoughts:

  • That after a while, in a report such as this, the term “low-skill household” becomes “persons without a high school diploma”, then “dropouts”, then “high school dropouts” , and sometimes “free riders.”
  • Children of low-skill households should not be allowed to go to school as they are a burden on the society and your parents must be able to pay for your schooling.
  • Children of low-skill households should have to work since their parents are “free riders” in our society draining more dollars from the government than they contribute.
  • Since children use parks, but do not pay taxes, they should no longer be able to use parks. They are “free riders” when they use services they have not paid for. However, in cases where the parents can pay the child’s share it will be recognized that the child has contributed to society fiscally and may be able to use the park.
  • If everyone were better educated there would be no low-skill households and therefore everyone would contribute fiscally to the government rather than requiring assistance. All low-skill jobs would be eliminated by better education. We would no longer need anyone to sew, wash clothes, clean offices, work cash registers, etc. (note: while these may be called ‘low skill’ jobs they are definitely not easy jobs.)
  • Better education would lead to better technology which would reduce the need for low-skill labor. Therefore, by eliminating jobs we will better our society.
  • Better education would simply make us all richer as it would increase the wealth of the wealthy while also increasing the wealth of the low-skill workers.
  • That low-skill workers are not a good investment as they are poor and cannot contribute financially to the rest of society. Therefore they should all be killed as this would alleviate much of the need for social spending by the government.
  • Since the deficit caused by low-skill households is $22,449 per year and the cost to house a prisoner is $22,650 per year(in 2001) it is reasonable to believe that there would be major benefits in placing low-skilled workers in prison by making failing to graduate high school a crime. If we imagine that they will be made to work 8 hours a day in prison, with no pay, and that their work is equivalent to $7.00 per hour, they will contribute a little over $14,000 in work which will more than cover the $201 additional money it costs to house them in prison. These low-skilled members of society will then be fiscally beneficial to the United States.
  • Another idea is to apprehend all “illegal” immigrants and use them as free labor in immigration prisons. Since it is already against the law to be here “illegally” we’ve got them where we want them! If the current estimate of 12 million is correct the benefit to society will be 165 billion dollars per year. (using the above numbers) (Whoa Nelly!) (Hey if You Don’t Speak For Me is right and it’s 30 million…wow!) The good thing about this idea is you won’t have to actually see them, but you’ll benefit from their work.
  • We should discontinue allowing “legal” immigrants into our society as they are all low-skill workers and we’ve already learned that low-skill workers are a burden on society.
  • Since population-based services, such as highways and parks, lose their value when the population increases (Like when you want to be the only one at the beach and then someone else shows up. That really stinks.) we should find ways to reduce the current population as it will benefit those currently living in this country. I believe China can help us out in this area.
  • When writing a report about low-skill workers it is a good idea to mention hamburgers since most low-skilled workers love hamburgers.
  • Since low-skill households do not contribute fiscally to society they should no longer be protected from attack by other nations. If another nation chooses to attack, and agrees to only kill the poor, they should be allowed to do so.
  • Low-skill households must send their children to the military as this would be deemed a method of contributing to society. By sending their children off to war they will be forgiven of their constant debt to those in society that actually contribute. (Oops, this is actually happening already.)
  • I could keep going, but I’ll close by stating that a report like this serves no purpose whatsoever, except to make low-skill workers bad and to push for the end of immigration. Not only does this paper directly state we should no longer accept low-skill immigrants, but it indirectly pushes it’s opinion on “illegal” immigration.

    If my comments are ridiculous it is only because the report is ridiculous. It is written on behalf of the wealthy and has no real validity in the context of modern society. If the rich believe that it is a drain on their ability to vacation and buy multiple homes then let me apologize on behalf of all low-skill workers.


    3 thoughts on “Heritage Foundation’s Report on Low-Skilled Households”

    1. This is absolutely absurd…I agree. It’s always amazing to me how those with money always seem to look down on those without. The truly frightening thing in all of this is that the Heritage Foundation is supported by some of the wealthiest people in America and they have a ton of clout when it comes to influencing policy makers.

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