Voice of The People USA’s Rally to Support Joey Vento

As I’ve stated in a previous posts Joey’s sign has no validity and is just plain ridiculous. Telling someone to “speak English” in a language they don’t understand is like showing a blind person pictures of the skinheads at many of the anti-immigrant rallies. The idea of America is that nobody should be abused by the wants of others or the government. What we have now is a system that is abusing many low-skilled workers and the “illegal” immigrants that are most certainly contributing to the needs of this society.

Press Release by Daniel Smeriglio for Joey Vento’s canceled hearing

Just take this quote from his press release:

If you cannot understand what someone is saying and you put onions on the sandwich then who would be liable?


3 thoughts on “Voice of The People USA’s Rally to Support Joey Vento”

  1. Or maybe they’re working class citizens who pay their taxes and they’re losing jobs and their children have to suffer because of illegal immigration.

    I’m not racist and I don’t have personal resentment against immigrants, but it seems like whenever I read other people’s thoughts on the matter or hear them arguing about it on the news it’s always yuppies or politicians who aren’t affected by it like people like me are affected by it. When you have children and you’re told numerous times that you either A.) can’t get a job because they’re more interested in hiring illegal immigrants they don’t have to pay anything or B.) can get a job, but are expected to work 60 hours a week for $4/hour because that’s what they can get from illegal immigrants maybe your sights would change. You can blame it on the people hiring the labor, and you should, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a problem that falls on the working class, just like most of the problems in the US the “liberals” only pretend to care about.

  2. I appreciate your opinion, but it doesn’t forgive the ridiculousness of Joey Vento’s sign. If he’s truly worried about “illegal” immigration then let him do something positive to change things rather than put up a sign that is only meant to garner more support for his cheese steaks.

    If you’re affected by this situation because you can’t get a job, or are forced to work for sub-livable wage, then you may want to read my post about The Heritage Foundation’s report on low-skill households. Those elites view people in your situation as a big problem in this country, and guess what, they’re against “illegal” immigration just like you.

    I’d like to know what job is paying $4 per hour because I’ve done a lot of reading on this subject and have not come across that. Though, I know that work such as that done in sewing factories is paid out by the piece which could potentially mean $4 per hour.

    Personally I don’t advocate or support any company that doesn’t pay a living wage to its employees. As much as possible I pass by clothes, electronics, food, and other goods that endorse unfair treatment to workers. Does Joey Vento do that? Do you do that?

    Finally, there are very few “leaders” in this movement that are effected personally by “illegal” immigration. Most of these “leaders” are well off and do not need fear being replaced by “illegal” immigrant labor. Their desire is simply to not have to see Hispanics in their cities. Some, that aren’t as well off, just don’t want to see Hispanics in their neighborhoods. That’s what I’m fighting against. If you’re not a racist, and you know that to be true, then you’ll hopefully support compassionate measures to deal with this issue. That’s all I can ask.

  3. “…then you’ll hopefully support compassionate measures to deal with this issue”

    I understand the point completely. My stance has always been that I don’t like illegal immigration, but, as a father myself, I can’t make judgements that hurt someone personally for doing what is best for their family, and that’s why the whole issue gets so murky.

    In Illinois they just bumped minimum wage up to $7.50/hour. When I first moved here, the minimum wage was around $6.50/hour, but employers would pay illegal immigrants under the table at anywhere between $3-$7/hour, and things like taxes and minimum wage don’t matter. When I worked landscaping right after I moved here I was getting $6, and those were supposed to be “good” wages for the work! The figure of $3-$4/hour comes from the completely underhanded thing that some employers will do where they’ll tell you you’ll get so much for a certain job, and at the end of the day when it takes way longer than they told you it would, you’re getting next to nothing for it.

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