ICE arrests 157 suspected gang members on LI

ICE arrests 157 suspected gang members on LI

(10/01/07) MANHATTAN – The federal Department of Homeland Security’s U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced Monday the results of its recent Long Island crackdown on illegal immigrants.

Immigration agents arrested 186 undocumented individuals on the Island, according to ICE’s Peter Smith. Smith said 157 of those – 65 in Suffolk and 92 in Nassau – were members of the MS-13 or Latin Kings gangs. These men were in the country illegally and involved with drug dealing and other crimes, according to Smith

I don’t know the methods used by ICE to apprehend these gang members, but I do applaud the removal of gang members from any community. I wouldn’t want to live in a community terrorized by gangs any more than I’d want anyone else to. However, I don’t agree with sweeping factory raids to deport other “illegal” immigrants who are contributing to our society.

As it states in my previous post the US crime rate is actually going down which tells me that these gangs, which may have many “illegal” immigrants as members, are not as prevalent as the anti-immigrant crowd would have you think. Either way I applaud the efforts of our crime fighting community and recognize that it is tough to be a law enforcement officer.


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