“Illegal” Immigrant Roundups in Tucson, AZ

Arpaio launches illegal immigrant roundup ahead of new law

The Associated Press

New laws in Cave Creek that ban loitering and prohibit drivers from stopping on town roads do not take effect until Oct. 24.
But that isn’t stopping the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office from launching its own crackdown.
Last Thursday, the sheriff’s office arrested nine undocumented immigrants just outside a Cave Creek church sanctuary.
“We’re not waiting for the 30 days for these ordinances to be implemented,” said Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. “We have received a lot of calls about Cave Creek having drophouses and illegals in the area.”
The Rev. Glenn Jenks of Cave Creek’s Good Shepherd of the Hills Episcopal Church calls the Cave Creek community shortsighted. “This may make the sheriff look tough, but it’s not in the best interest of the community,” Jenks said.
For more than six years, Jenks’ church has served as a sanctuary for day laborers and potential employers to hook up.

So they’re cracking down on “illegal” immigrants and “getting tough.” What can I say about the story. I’m sure the anti-immigrants are loving it. Oh, yes, I know they are because they posted underneath the story. Martin L. calls Mexicans leeches, cockroaches, and wets. If asked I’m sure he’d say he’s for legal immigration. I’m sure Martin L. You and all your racist buddies invite your Mexican friends over and call them leeches, cockroaches, and wets. I’ll bet that makes for good ol’ Friday night fun. Do you all go out and hang nooses in the trees too?
Do yo

1. Comment by Martin L. (The Enforcer) — October 1,2007 @ 8:15AM

“The problem with some of these laws is they’re just so overly broad and vague,” said American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona spokeswoman Alessandra Soler Meetze.

Screw the ACLU… which should be renamed MCLU (Mexican Cockroach and Leech Union). Go get ’em, Joe! Deport every wet you can catch!
2. Comment by Jack K. (#3998) — October 1,2007 @ 8:42AM

The Sheriff’s Department arrested nine illegal aliens thats the story?

That is what law enforcement is supposed to be doing, there are plenty of laws that an illegal alien has broken to be in the country they should be arrested and charged with them all as should those who give them sanctuary or jobs.
If the Illegals Don’t like the treatment go home.
3. Comment by Roger M. (Sep23) — October 1,2007 @ 8:43AM

(1) Martin L. I couldn’t possibly have said it any better. Another meaning for ACLU : Association of Criminal Loosers Unlimited.

Deport ’em Joe, Teach these lowlife slimeballs what it means to obey the law.


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