Stay of illegal-immigrant hiring rule is extended

Stay of illegal-immigrant hiring rule is extended – LA Times
It looks like another victory against racial profiling and discrimination. How many businesses are going to hire Hispanics when they all fear they’ll be convicted if their employee’s are using false documents? If the government does as good a job at “matching” these social security numbers as they did with the voting records in Florida it will be a real mess. (Read Greg Palast’s investigation)

A judge keeps authorities from using mismatched Social Security data to go after employers who hired undocumented workers.
By Anna Gorman, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
October 2, 2007

A federal judge in San Francisco on Monday extended a temporary restraining order preventing immigration authorities from using mismatched Social Security data to go after employers who may have hired undocumented workers.
The courtroom was packed.

“We believe — as we argued in court — that this new rule is improper, is a violation of the law and will cause massive discrimination,” said Lucas Guttentag, director of the ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Project and one of the lawyers for the plaintiffs.

So now I guess, according to Rick Oltman, the ACLU is fighting for large corporations’ ability to impose unfair labor practices on “illegal” immigrants?

Among the observers was Rick Oltman, spokesman for Californians for Population Stabilization, who said the lawsuit was about not wanting to lose access to cheap immigrant labor.

“What they do not want is to have our immigration laws enforced,” Oltman said, adding that the rule would “put us one step closer to ending the magnet that is bringing the illegal aliens into this country.”

Rick wants the immigration laws enforced and he wants a decrease in population so he can always get that parking spot in the front at the mall. Just watch the videos on the Californians for Population Stabilization website. I find it appropriate that they have a white boy asking the question “where are all these people coming from?” – The blue eyes are a nice touch too. Of course, this is the kind of question a child asks. If I only had a dollar……

— “Well Johnny, let me tell you about a little place called Mexico. It’s full of dirty people that only want to make our lives miserable. Do you remember studying about Mexico in history and geography class?”


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