“You’re the racist!”

Here’s the usual “patriot” rally where the US “patriots” call people gang bangers without any real proof. (Hey, at least they spoke English!) Basically if you’re young, Hispanic, and dress a certain way then you’re a gang banger. Well, by the same token, if you adorn yourself in the American flag, from head to toe, and start screaming at Hispanics then I guess it only makes sense that they call you a racist. These “patriots” have their rallies in opportune places to harass the locals and demand protection from the police. This is one of those events where these “patriots” look like a bunch of idiots, but they bask in watching their work so they post the videos anyway.

The man with the beard yelling “this is our land” doesn’t look like a gang banger to me, but maybe I’m just too tucked away in these golden hills to know what one looks like.

It’s one thing to protest against a political group you don’t agree with and another thing to turn it into a hate and anger parade. If they were there to protest the PAN party, as the Hispanics were, then why was it turned into an “illegal” alien event?

These “patriots” love to get people worked up at these events. It makes for better videos.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

If we read up on how PAN started:

Mexican Roman Catholics, together with other conservatives (mainly Manuel Gómez Morín), founded the PAN on September 17, 1939 after the cristero insurgency lost the Cristero War. They were looking for a peaceful way to bring about change in the country and to achieve political representation, after the years of chaos and violence that followed the Mexican Revolution.

The PAN currently occupies the right of Mexico’s political spectrum, advocating free enterprise, privatization, reduced taxes, smaller government, and liberal reforms as well as opposition same-sex unions and abortion. Its philosophy has similarities with the Republican Party of the United States, or the Conservative Party of Canada, but mostly with Europe’s Christian Democratic parties. Many of its members are also advocates of Roman Catholicism as a political inspiration. The PAN is a member of the Christian Democrat Organization of America (CDOA). The PAN officially claims to be a non-confessional party in a country that is 90% Catholic; however, while on the campaign trail in 2000, Vicente Fox appeared holding a banner emblazoned with the revered icon of the Virgin of Guadalupe – and was fined MXN $20,000 for mixing religion and politics.

It’s interesting to note that it was started by Mexican Roman Catholics. Now how did Catholicism get into Mexico? Could it possibly have anything to do with Europeans conquering their lands? The parallels to this group and our current government (and the way many feel about issues such as same sex marriage and abortion) are scary, but not surprising.


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