The Bullies Of The Anti-Immigrant Strike Again

Continuing their hate parade a group of white men decided to go vigilante on a Hispanic business because they were flying the Mexican flag above the American flag. I wonder if this is all they do in the name of the law or do they contribute in other ways. For example last year my fiancée alerted the police when a known pedophile had his porch light on for Halloween (and if there are porch lights on at the end of this month, calls will be made as again). This is also not legal, but I guarantee that these anti-immigrant don’t concern themselves with that. And yes, he was a white man, though I know that according to these anti-immigrants all “illegal” immigrants are rapists and murderers.

Here’s the link to the video.
This video goes to show how these anti-immigrants don’t know how to be civil, but instead they immediately get angry and violent. I don’t know much about knife laws, but was that knife legal to carry? Where was the discussion with this business owner before these angry vigilantes decided to rip the flags down? Maybe a civil discussion would have opened the man’s eyes to the law and he would have changed the order of the flags.

Though I don’t condone flying the American flag under another country’s flag I also don’t condone picking and choosing the laws you choose to adhere to nor do I condone vigilantism. Here are some other Reno, Nevada laws:

It is illegal to lie down on the sidewalk.
Benches may not be placed in the middle of any street.
Sex toys are outlawed.
Dumb Laws website

Maybe this man should carry his knife into people’s bedrooms next.


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