Forget China, look to Mexico

Forget China, look to Mexico
I have an easy solution to solve two major problems we are facing in the United States by implementing one simple decision.

This letter to the editor ran in last Saturday’s Daily Record stating that we should look to Mexico to produce our goods rather than having them produced in Mexico. I’m sure the anti-immigrant crowd is pleased with this idea.

The letter goes on to state:

This way, the U.S. can ensure the safety of the products we are getting and also help boost the Mexican economy by giving them a profit of the sales. The reason for this strategic move is also to help fix our illegal immigration problem. If Mexico has a better economy due to more jobs available, then maybe the Mexicans would decide to stay in Mexico instead of coming here illegally.

The first problem with this solution is that it has the United States governing Mexico’s production facilities and I don’t think we should be governing them nor should they be governing us. If a country fails to meet our standards for production then we should simply look at the labels of items we buy and refuse to buy items from that country. This will force the company (Mattel anyone?) to move their production facilities or go out of business. The things we buy determine what businesses stay afloat. If we don’t agree with cheap labor then we should buy things we know were not made that way. Aren’t you willing to pay a little more knowing that a product you bought was helping out a fellow American or was being produced in a factory with exemplary working conditions?

The fact that Walmart remains the behemoth it is just shows that people are not willing to put their money where their mouth is. Not only do they have questionable buying practices which fuel questionable labor abroad, as most of their items are from China, they also have questionable labor practices in their stores in the United States. This is even true in Mexico where they consider the bagging clerks to be unpaid volunteers whose only salary comes by way of tips. It’s no wonder they leave, but it’s atrocious that an American company is involved in this type of labor practice.

I say we bring production back to America and put companies back into those abandoned factories we have everywhere with all the broken windows. (I’m sure you see them.) This way we can employ Americans to build our products and gadgets. Will they cost more? Yes, but you’ll be giving your money to a fellow American. According to and approximately 7.3 million Americans are unemployed. Currently 12% of our population is below poverty level. I’m sure we can provide a lot of decent jobs by bringing our factories back to America.

Another good solution is to continue devaluing the dollar to a point that it is not financially advantageous to work in American. Wait, I think this plan is currently in effect. Keep spending more money in Iraq! I’m sure we don’t have better uses for it here.

One thing I do agree with the anti-immigrants on is the multi-national corporations. They are definitely not doing things in the best interest of this country and we should not support them. Buy local every chance you get. Support local farmers (not robot farms) and mom and pop stores.


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