Immigration Gumballs From Numbers USA

Here’s a video from Numbers USA showing how we’ll all be living in a grossly overcrowded country if immigration continues as it is today. The man in the video is Roy Beck, Executive Director of Numbers USA, a group whose stated goal is:

To examine numerical levels of annual legal and illegal immigration.

To educate the public about the immigration-reduction recommendations from two national commissions of the 1990s:

In this video, which precedes the one posted here, he refers to a “golden age” of immigration from 1925 to 1965 of which he states

“I could find no time in history when immigrants were so welcomed, when they assimilated so quickly, when they did so well. Because we had lower immigration we had a tighter labor market which means that we had the pressure on more capital investment, we had pressure for higher productivy and higher wages. And because of that we became a middle class society during that golden era of immigration. And what’s really wonderful about the golden era of immigration is that it’s the only time in the American history that there was a sustained significant increase in the income of black Americans and that increase was even faster than the increase for white Americans.”

I’m not sure which history books Roy believes are telling the truth, but I do believe that there was a great deal of racial tension during that time. Does he recall the civil rights movement?
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I’m not sure whose handing out the blinders to these anti-immigrants. They don’t think there was prevalent racism in the mid 1900’s and they can’t see white supremacists at their rallies.

Maybe Roy is right about the future population increase, I can’t say, but he certainly needs a history lesson.


5 thoughts on “Immigration Gumballs From Numbers USA”

  1. I’m not sure why you inject racism into most of your posts about immigration. Are you saying the civil rights movement was about immigration? There have always been extremists in this country on both ends of the political spectrum. Hopefully, we learn from our past.

    I’ll say that I am a member of NumbersUSA. Why am I a member? Because I am an environmentalist. Not the knee-jerk, tree-hugger kind, but the practical kind.

    A little background on the video you cite. It was made in 1996, ten years after the massive 1986 amnesty. And if anything it is prescient because the United States has exceeded the population estimates and the immigration estimates (both legal and illegal) presented in the video. Remember that 1996 was the year that Congress was trying to fix the problems that were exacerbated by the 1986 amnesty. That was the year Congresswoman Barbara Jordan (Dem-TX) lead a Congressional commission to find solutions for the immigration problem.

    So, back to NumbersUSA and why I support its efforts.

    This country reached a population of 300 million last October, doubling in size since World War II. All of natural resources are under stress. Clean water, clean air, our oceans, forests, minerals, open space, uncontaminated food. And all our infrastructure is under stress as well. Highways, cities, hospitals, schools, trash, sewage. Well, what do you think is driving this? Could it be our population explosion over the last 40 years? 1965 was the year that Ted Kennedy and other “wise” men in the Senate opened the floodgates on immigration, both legal and illegal.

    What size population do you think this nation can support and still provide the quality of life that the average American works so hard to achieve? Where will all the natural resources come from?

    Do you believe that Americans consume more natural resources and pollute more per person than any other nation on earth? Then doesn’t it make sense that the more Americans there are, the worse off the entire planet becomes.

    Are you concerned about global warming? The earth’s population has nearly doubled in the last half century and will grow to almost 10 billion by 2050. Almost all of those people would like to come to the United States. Should we allow them?

    I don’t see how NumbersUSA is racist at all. It looks at the practicality of what legal immigration and rampant illegal immigration is doing to this country.

    What does reducing carbon emissions to the level that they were 20 years ago mean, when the population is growing faster and faster each year? No matter how much we conserve or change our lifestyle, it’s like putting up sand bags against the tidal wave that represents our out-of-control population growth.

    And then there’s always the issue of anarchy. Already we have state and city governments ignoring the Federal laws they dislike (and it’s not just immigration laws). And we have county and city governments ignoring state laws they don’t like. And we have businesses and individuals ignoring laws that they don’t like.

    Why should some people be able to ignore laws they don’t like and others have to obey them? I think it’s called morals and ethics. Isn’t this country built on the premise that its citizens will voluntarily obey all its laws. And when the citizens don’t like the laws, they elect people who will change the laws.

    We have laws now. Some people don’t like them. Well, if they are citizens they vote to have them changed with the knowledge that the will of the majority prevails.

    I have yet to hear from the Supreme Court that any of our immigration laws are unconstitutional. So shouldn’t they all be enforced?

    And to the argument that most of the illegal immigrants are hard working people looking for a better life, I would respond that so are the crooks that ran Enron and WorldCom and the petty crooks that cheat on taxes and otherwise rob and steal from their fellow Americans.

    I’m pretty sure our prisons are filled with hard working Americans who made a bad choice somewhere along the line. Shouldn’t we give them all amnesty too?

  2. This video was put up because Roy stated that an era filled with extreme racism was the golden age of immigration where everybody got along and assimilated nicely.

    America’s problem is not the amount of people here, but the elitist attitude (you describe above) that makes it ok for us to destroy the world because it makes for a more comfortable life. Maybe it’s about time for us to start waking up and dealing with a few inconveniences so the children in this country, and the rest of the world, are left with a world worth living in. How much quality can we provide if our answer to pollution is to reduce immigration levels? Won’t we still be polluting?

    Racism is injected when I believe it is there. Most of my posting is the result of local (NJ) efforts to remove “illegals” from various communities. When a person goes on stage and states that all “illegals” are rapist and murders I have a problem with that. Also, when I look in a group’s message board and they make statements like “behind the tortilla curtain,” “beaner,” and “Mexicans are fat and lazy,” then I see that as extreme prejudice against another race and culture.

    My goal is to show what these people are really all about. They play somewhat nice in public and then make the dirty racist jokes when nobody’s around. If anything these anti-immigrants are like the Enron execs – they lie and deceive in order to gain emotional capital in a fight, which to them, is about making Hispanics feel very uncomfortable being Hispanics (because that ain’t American!).

  3. Symsess, for comparison, I highly recommend the book White Flight by Kevin Kruse. It describes the shift in Atlanta from overtly prejudiced opposition against African-American mobility to more externally “respectable” groups and tactics. You might see parallels, including an abundance of the word “invasion.”

  4. You seriously miss my point about the Golden Age of Immigration. Of course, there was a lot of racial tension during that time, particularly because it was then that Black America made its full-court press for full assimilation into U.S. society.

    But my point is that because of a tight labor market, corporate America needed Black labor. It was an ideal time for Black civil rights to be sought and eventually gained.

    There were far more Black civil rights in the 1950s than during the 1880-1921 Great Wave of Migration, in part because Black labor was not needed while the labor market was constantly filled with mostly European immigrant workers.

    As for immigrants during the Golden Era, there is no question that there were far fewer anti-immigrant incidents and much more open arms to the smaller number of immigrants than is the case today or was the case 1880-1921.

    If Congress would reduce legal immigration by 75% tomorrow (back to a traditional numerical level), I fully believe that today’s tensions around immigration and immigrants would be mostly gone within a decade, even though there still would be more than 35 million immigrants in the country. — Roy Beck, Founder & CEO of

  5. Thanks for stopping by, but I don’t agree with your assessment on immigration.

    I also don’t understand how you can so coldly speak about civil rights and the need for black workers as if these weren’t people that were seriously abused physically from people motivated by rhetoric such as yours. I’m not saying you preach violence, but I am saying that violent groups do use your words and thoughts as a reason to intimidate others that ‘do no belong.’

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