Mexico to bolster immigrant defense

Mexico to bolster immigrant defense
Anti-defamation league weighed as consulates in U.S. go on offensive
12:00 AM CDT on Thursday, October 4, 2007
By ALFREDO CORCHADO and DIANNE SOLÍS / The Dallas Morning News
The Mexican government is giving its consulates in the U.S. wide latitude to ramp up a campaign to toughen their defense of immigrants and plans to give them more resources as well, officials familiar with the strategy said.

Government leaders from Mexico meeting and strategizing about American politics certainly doesn’t leave me comfortable, but some of the statements in this article do make sense to me.

But “as descendants of Mexicans and citizens of the United States, we feel it is our responsibility to create bridges of understanding because the anti-Mexican mood in the United States is causing us – and both countries – much harm,” he said. “What do we have to lose anymore? We’ve been beaten up to the point that all we can do is fight back. … Things will get worse before they get better.”

Though I do question their motives and believe they should be using their budget to strengthen the Mexican economy rather than sending it to their consulates in the US; I must add that there aren’t too many US citizens satisfied with their government either so to associate Mexican people with the idiocies of their leaders would be like claiming all Americans are hateful idiots because George Bush likes to go country hunting while fumbling on the simplest of words.

It is without question that Mexicans have been treated poorly by the citizens in this country. Regardless of what the government has provided those either legally or illegally here, this nation’s citizens have found a very cold place in their hearts to hold their opinions of these people.

Many in the anti-immigrant movement have no qualms about shouting out blanket claims regarding the cleanliness, intelligence, health, desire to speak English, desire to assimilate, and loyalty to this country of Mexicans. It’s one thing to be against illegal immigration, but for most this argument bleeds over into legal immigration as well.

We shouldn’t be hearing about Mexico trying to strategize anything within the United States. This country shouldn’t even be in a position where another group would see us as a prejudice and racist nation, but the truth is they have a lot of evidence to show we are. They’ve got the present and they certainly have the past. When will the bigots and the hypocrites wake up and stop it already? Us humans have had thousands of years to get this figured out, but it still seems to elude us. Everyone is made up of the same flesh, blood, organs, and a soul from our Creator. So why do people continue to stereotype, ridicule, berate, and speak untruths of others simply because of their skin color and/or religion?


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